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Machine Learning (ML)

Leading digital marketplace offers specialists in full-cycle automotive digital development from ECUs with hardware design production to software programming and automotive firmware. Geolance is a digital marketplace with huge assortment of experienced specialists in automotive digital development.

Machine learning – the key to progress

In modern world machine learning is undoubtedly at the top of the wish list of every progressive business. That is why more and more companies want to benefit from the technology. This is where our digital marketplace comes into action. For example, Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs are interested in machine learning and automotive artificial intelligence software to deliver safe and predictable autonomous driving experiences. Specialists on our platform develop artificial intelligence solutions for the automotive industry that use computer vision to recognize road signs and analyze patterns of human behavior. AI algorithms can predict bad traffic, travel time and even vehicle breakdowns. The use of ML in the automotive industry can offer route recommendations and even show available parking spots.

Geolance is a dynamic machine learning service provider that offers specialists for world-class AI solutions and machine learning services for businesses in different industries. We value every our partner and strive to bring innovation into their companies.

Geolance is a professional tracking solution provider.  On our digital marketplace you can find expert map compilation and development of various navigation solutions. Our specialists have collaborated with most of the large global map providers to build high-fidelity GPS solutions. That is why our digital marketplace have enough experienced specialists to develop a navigation system for you. We are ready to bring innovation to your life.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us through chat, experienced developers on our marketplace will be happy to work with you and implement Navigation Product Development to your company.

ML experts on our digital marketplace are specialized in

In-car smart systems

Strengthen the communication among navigation systems, location platforms and human-machine interfaces to inform drivers about dangerous situations on the road

Intelligent computer vision

Enable recognition and lane detection of traffic, pedestrians, and road signs based on deep learning techniques and artificial intelligence development solutions

Safe decisions

Predict road conditions in advance to make data-driven decisions based on big data technologies and smart analytics

Maximize resources

AI financial services help companies to save time and money. Using real-time data and map compilation enable routing that is the most time-efficient and save fuel

Development of predictive vehicle maintenance systems

Our specialists gathers information from in-vehicle units to alert drivers about planned or urgent maintenance needs

POI optimisation and smart routing

Help your vehicle to learn the most commonly used points of interest and routes

Geolance offers machine learning services for

  • Custom-made offer on previous buying patterns
  • Personalized campaigns for successful marketing
  • Analyze customer data
  • Make your sales forecasting better
  • Well-organized transactional sales
  • Automatic sales communication
  • Alerts on customers who are about to leave
  • Predict customer expectations and needs
  • Applicant assessment and tracking
  • Tracking of the behaviour patterns
  • Detection of the attrition
  • Individual performance development and skills management

Geolance solutions based on market-driven ML services

  • Amazon ML can offer you several benefits if you already host your data on AWS. Machine learning developers on our digital marketplace can help you manage your Amazon infrastructure and use the power of wizards and its visualization tools.

Experts on our marketplace can help you get the full potential of the cloud-based predictive analytics. That will help you build data-driven applications and software to forecast, predict, and alter future outcomes.

Our specialists help companies to set up their systems to use Google’s machine learning algorithms to their fullest. That will help you to predict results and analyze information. Also, you can find help for working with Google BigQuery or deriving Google cloud storage datasets. Besides we can connect you with data scientists and machine learning experts that will be happy to help you better understand the potential and benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence in business.


ML specialists on our IT marketplace have proven expertise in

Mathematical programming

Recognition of patterns in behaviour

Learning Theory

Nature-inspired optimization algorithms


We can help you with

Deployment & Management

Deployment & Management

• Confirm management pipelines with real production information before going live.
• Manage model configuration and parameters.
• Control all pipelines across any infrastructure just with a single click

Developing Automate Orchestration

Developing Automate Orchestration

• Define pipeline dependencies, model updates and flexible policies.
• Coordinate communication between training and inference pipeline.
• Maintain behaviour and state awareness across associated pipelines.

Monitoring & Analyzing

Monitoring & Analyzing

• Find out inaccurate predictions with machine learning health indicators.
• Enhance machine learning performance with analytics on ML behaviour and rich visualisations.
• Resolve problems fast with model rollback and snapshots.



• Various teams can communicate with role-based and shared dashboard views.
• Data scientists transform expertise into common operations workflows.
• ML optimisation systems drive feedback from live operations back to business analytics and data science experts.

Geolance Technologies Expertise

For the implementation of Machine Learning (ML) to your business, professional Navigation Product developers use only effective modern technologies.

3D Rendering

If you’d like to incorporate Machine Learning (ML) to your business, our digital marketplace is happy to help. Our specialists are ready to bring innovation to your business.

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