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Our digital marketplace offers specialists in full-cycle automotive digital development from ECUs with hardware design production to software programming and automotive firmware. Geolance is digital marketplace in Canada with huge number of experienced specialists in automotive digital development.

Improve your driving experience with experts in connected car solutions

The rise of connected car technology and other advanced technologies caused digital transformation. And now it is reshaping the modern automotive industry and the whole global market. More and more cars are becoming connected. They are no longer just a way of transportation. They have become personal devices that run within a digital ecosystem.

Connected cars – are vehicles that are equipped with the necessary automotive software and hardware solutions to connect to the cloud and generate new types of data that automotive manufacturers can use to get actionable insight. Connected vehicles create new opportunities for OEMs, ecosystem partners and Tier one suppliers. Information from the vehicle’s sensors and its nearby environment has the potential to change the way how Tier one suppliers and OEMs plan, build, engineer, deploy, market, and maintain product safety and quality. Also, connected vehicle technology makes opportunities to meet growing customer expectations and develop deeper client relationships.

Providing end-to-end connected car solutions requires investment in digital partnerships and technologies. Our digital marketplace provides specialists in big data technologies, precise navigation systems and highly secure cloud infrastructure. They offer expert connected car services, development of automotive embedded software and applications. Also, we work with online data integration to ensure excellent driver experience and connectivity of your products. With our connected vehicle solutions, you will get OTA updates, remote diagnostic, and customized online experience to convert a car into a personal device.


Geolance developers are specialised in

Distant vehicle control

We use the CAN bus and various other interfaces to develop applications that can control cars remotely


Our automotive embedded software development solutions connect vehicles to all types of traffic and road objects

Smooth door-to-door navigation

Geolance navigation product development solutions will ensure your safe door-to-door driving.

MS/AWS Azure services

Creating cloud-based applications to make the exchange of location data possible via V2X connectivity


Continually using DevOps technologies to increase the speed of new software releases

Easy updates with OTA map

Supporting over-the-air updates for maps and software with connected car technology

We collect all possible car-generated information

Our experts have experience collecting in-car data. Also, they analyse it immediately as well as receiving information from other vehicles on the road

Our connected car engineers provide security as a service

We perform penetration testing to ensure that your software is highly secure software. That will protect your vehicle from architectural vulnerabilities as well as outside intruders

Professional optimization of embedded software

We strengthen our solutions with big data expertise

Our connected vehicle services include gathering, organizing, and analyzing data from various vehicle subsystems and devices

Our solutions fill the gap between cars and mobile

Geolance has automotive practice and strong mobile expertise

From augmented reality and multi-module interfaces to multimedia support and automotive cloud services, Geolance specialists offer harmonious integration of various technology solutions into your car

Experts on our digital marketplace are implementing machine learning technology to make cars safer. Wide-angle and rear-view camera apps keep drivers aware of their surroundings. Besides, VR modelling displays show a 360° view for secure parking and driving

As our experts add functionality, they know it is vital for drivers to find these offers as an extension of themselves. Smart systems provided by specialists on our digital marketplace will make the driving experience more comfortable

Our automotive software specialists will open a new era of autonomous driving to you

Geolance experts use end-to-end telematics to focus on providing connectivity for today and the future


Our experts provide solutions that include

Development of driver assistance systems for connected cars

We will increase performance and safety of your driver or autonomous driving system with the real-time environment and road data

Safe navigation systems development

Our connected cars specialists offer dynamic location-based and contextually aware routing services. Those include geo-fencing that combine user data and navigation

Predictive and telematics services

We are going to improve your driving experience with telemetry data. Our solutions can deliver predictive maintenance alerts or even help you with finding your car

Digital life and productivity

We will help you to stay connected with in-car productivity services, like Cortana or Skype. They are voice-controlled so that will reduce distracted driving and increase safety

Customer engagement and insights analysis

CRM integration and offer new will strengthen your relationship with customers. Use our tailored experiences to increase your brand loyalty

Geolance Technologies Expertise

For the implementation of Connected Car Solutions to your business Navigation Product developers on our digital marketplace use only effective modern technologies.

3D Rendering

If you’d like to incorporate Connected Car Solutions to your business, our digital marketplace is happy to provide specialists for you. We are ready to bring innovation to your business.

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