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Geolance marketplace offers top specialists in social media promotion. SMP services are what every brand needs, regardless of its age, scope, and focus. Declare yourself, create the right image and increase sales – all this is possible due to competent work in social networks. SMP promotion includes strategy development, creation of unique design and implementation of community-management mechanics.

Social Media Promotion — promotion to the general public
In the case of a low number of visitors on your Internet resource, you should pay attention to the option of promoting it in social networks. The tool for such promotion is SMM (social media marketing). It is a set of manipulations that aim to promote the business. About 82% of all users of the World Wide Web are owners of their accounts on social networks. There they spend at least two hours a day. Our country is one of the first places in the popularity of such networks.

It is great that every day the number of people who visit their accounts not only for the sake of communication but also for informational purposes, increases. Pragmatic people in business have long realized that social media can turn into an ideal marketing channel. Nevertheless, the social network has not yet become the main sales channel. The reason for this is some difference in the behavior of people in a simple search engine and social network. But experts say that soon reposts will be accounted directly by search engines.

The main factor of social network promotion
Our SMM-specialist will tell any business owner that without quality content, the promotion tools are useless. If the pages of the brand are boring and gray, then do not count on a large number of consumers.

The main components of excellent content are:

Regularity of updating information;
Brightness and emotionality.
In addition to the presented principles, the creation of content for a social network can have other features, caused by the orientation of the platform itself.

Ad units in communities
Advertising in the community is buying a place to host reposts and posts in the most popular communities (Facebook, etc.). But, if in the case of buying posts, the goal is to increase the traffic of the site, then when purchasing reposts, a broad audience of users is attracted to the group. It is worth noting that the more subscribers the community have, the more expensive it is to place advertising posts on the company’s page.

If you’d like to incorporate Social Media Promotion to your business, our IT marketplace is happy to help. Our experts are ready to make your creative ideas happen with perfect execution. Bring innovation to your business with Geolance!

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