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Local Presence Targeting

Our digital marketplace offers top SMM and local presence targeting experts. SMM services are what every brand needs, regardless of its age, scope, and focus. Declare yourself, create the right image and increase sales – all this is possible due to competent work in social networks. SMM promotion includes strategy development, creation of unique design and implementation of community-management mechanics.

Local Presence Targeting — a unique advertising tool for business

The term “targeting” implies a set of methods that distributes all users of the Internet resource to segments. The technology specializes in reducing the coverage of the company and providing information to the target audience.

Attracting people’s attention

In other words, targeting is the creation of a unique advertising message to potential consumers. It makes the work of an enterprise many times more efficient. In general, advertising is used to increase brand awareness and to attract the attention of people on the territory of the company. There are several types of targeting:

  • Contextual;
  • Thematic;
  • Geographic (geo-targeting);
  • Temporal;
  • Behavioral;
  • Socio-demographic.

There are several ways to convey the necessary information about the company to consumers:

  1. Special promotion. Tell the target audience about the unique offers and sales in the store. This will encourage people to visit exactly your point.
  2. Attention to local communities. Inform people that you are using local raw materials. Tell us about the history of your company.
  3. Interesting fact. If your enterprise is in a place where exciting events have passed – tell us about them.

Place a special button that will encourage each visitor to go to your resource. The most common buttons are:

Properly setting the targeting is very important. But also do not be afraid to experiment with the schedule of advertising and its audience. Reduce the audience by age and gender to refine targeting. Set the radius of action under the budget. This way you can reach a broad audience, which will then turn into customers.

Main targeting result

It is always worth remembering that the primary goal of increasing local recognition is to capture potential buyers who are not far from the company. For this, you can implement coverage in the Ads Manager. It allows you to see the number of ads displayed and the number of direct views. If the owner has already carried out such manipulations, then it is worthwhile to compare prices using a calculator. It may be worthwhile to reduce or increase the targeting and change the reach radius for maximum efficiency.

If you’d like to incorporate Local Presence Targeting to your business, our It marketplace is happy to help. Our specialists are ready to make your creative ideas happen with perfect execution. Bring innovation to your business with Geolance!

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