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Big Data

Our digital marketplace provides professional developers that deliver various types of data solutions that transform a large quantity of diverse human- and machine-generated shapeless data into information that helps decision making. It also enables opportune risk management and reveals innovative income opportunities, putting you ahead of your competitors.

Experienced analysts and developers on Geolance It marketplace are ready to help you to open the power of Big Data Analytics to get priceless insights and drive tangible benefits for your business.

Our big data specialists offer a broad range of services from the configuration or installation of big data tools to the creation of individual solutions and the making of reports. They offer Big Data analytics and work with some open source technologies like Hive, Spark, Pig, Oozie, Flume, Impala, and more to influence the power of big data for business benefits. Experienced professionals will also supply integration with NoSQL databases to cope with active data of every size.

Developers on our marketplace use the most well-organized deep learning and machine learning algorithms to provide your business with best software for client analysis, risk detection, demand forecasting, market segmentation, price optimization, and more. Big Data technologies can assist your usage of big data insights for more planned management.

Big data engineers at Geolance digital marketplace offer Big Data solutions that include cloud computing to get rid of the maintaining costly infrastructure and to guarantee the organization of our clients’ information. they use Azure and Amazon Web Services (Lambda, EMR, Kinesis) to make sure that data analytics and processing are efficient. Our big data developers can work with existing MapReduce solutions and rewrite them to Spark.

Geolance Technologies Expertise

For the implementation of Big Data to your business, professionals on our digital marketplace use only effective modern technologies. They provide high-quality, competitiveness, security and smooth work.

Google Cloud
Load balancers
Message queues
MS Azure
MS SQL Server
Power BI
TIBCO Jaspersoft

If you’d like to incorporate Big Data into your business, our digital marketplace is happy to help. Our experts are ready to make your creative ideas happen with perfect execution. Use Geolance to bring innovation to your business.

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