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UX is a User Experience. This is the experience/impression that the user receives when working with your interface. Whether they can achieve the goal and how easy or difficult it is to do so. The UI is the User Interface – how the interface looks and what physical characteristics it gets. UX / UI design is the design of any user interface. Our digital marketplace offers top specialists in user research.

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User research analysis involves collecting and documenting user requirements & expectations for your project. As a rule, it is performed very early in the development process, because you need to get a clear insight into your product or service’s target audience. The goal of performing any kind of user interface design research is to define your end users and their needs. Our expert Canadian digital marketplace can help you to find designers and developers for your website, application, or any digital product. Experienced UX&UI specialists on our platform are ready to provide professional User Experience testing and software usability and navigation analysis. They will help you to perform user research according to your goals that will bring comprehensive and actionable results. Whether you are exploring new business areas or trying to make your existing product better, User Research services will help you to understand your audience and make positive design decisions. If you are interested in implementing User Research into your digital strategy or you are looking for ways to make your current product better, Geolance is ready to help. Just contact us in the chat right now and we will connect you with suitable UX&UI expert.


Geolance User Experience Designers specialize in

Usability Testing

Get to know and analyze how the target audience of your website or application, interact with it, what parts they enjoy and where they face difficulties using it

Omni-Channel Research

Provide a smooth experience by finding out how the audience interacts with your company’s touch points – mobile, tablet, desktop, in-store, email, social, etc

Agile Research

User-centered, proficient research at your speed, aimed to understand your audience’s needs

Site Intercept Analysis

Analyze who visited your site, what they were looking for, their clickstream behaviour and how successful they were during their visit.

In-Depth Interviews

Provide you with a better understanding of user insights: how your project is actually being used and whether or not it meets their needs

Online Surveys

Well-designed online surveys can help you get valuable audience feedback that will help to understand your clients better and also it is a great way to find out what you need to improve in your product or service

Three bullet points of User Research

Understand Your Target Audience

For improving your product, you need to form a complete picture and try to understand the audience you want to reach. Through customer analysis and user interface research, we can help you gain deeper insights of your audience’s behavior and goals.

Implement the UX

Professional UX&UI specialists on our digital marketplace design intuitive and effective experiences for any screen. They work directly with your team to plan, outline and generate concepts. Then they create high-quality virtual prototypes to help you visualize the User Experience and test your creative ideas.

Selecting effective, long-lasting solutions

Professional remote UX testing will provide fixes and solutions for any problems that your product may have. No lengthy reports, just the clear facts, and answers you need to make it better.

User Research is effective for

Professional user interface analysis can provide a profound understanding of your target audience, their needs, and expectations. Find out how they can interact with your product in the best possible way or determine new product opportunities

User Research Insights will help you to make proper UX Design decisions and help your company to move forward and grow when you get stuck.

Minimize risks by testing your products before final production. Find out all strengths and weaknesses before launching it.

If you find yourself interested in incorporating User Research into your project, do not waste your time and contact us in the chat right now. Our professional consultants will help you find top specialists to deal with problems and optimize your product performance.

Solutions that UX&UI specialists can provide

Ethnographic studies

Very useful for user-centred projects as it helps to understand the target audience better.

True Intent Studies

Allow you to analyze visitors of your websites or applications by asking them about their intentions for visiting as well as receiving real feedback about their experience

Benchmarks and competitive analysis

Analysis of potential competitors and their strengths and weaknesses

Diary Studies

Collecting qualitative data about audience activities, behaviours, and experiences over the period of time

Focus Groups

Analysis of reactions of a special group of people to study user experience, improve and develop a new or existing product. Analysis of reactions of a special group of people to study user experience, improve and develop a new or existing product- Allows and encourages a more active audience involvement in the creation of a higher quality product or service experience.

Card Sorting

Testing a group of users to create a special category tree. It is very useful for developing efficient workflows, information architecture, menu structure and website navigation paths

Tree Testing (Reverse Card Sorting)

Measuring how well users can find the information they are looking for improving it in the final version

If you are looking for professionals that will help you to build an effective User Research, Geolance is the best choice. As a leading digital marketplace, we have huge expertise and are working extra hard to help your companies flourish and become successful.

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