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UX is a User Experience. This is the experience/impression that the user receives when working with your interface. Whether they can achieve the goal and how easy or difficult it is to do so. The UI is the User Interface – how the interface looks and what physical characteristics it gets. UX / UI design is the design of any user interface.


Great ideas create great brands. An innovative product or service solves the problems of your customers. Personal brand might highlight a status, enhance customer’s experience or make it possible to quote a higher price. Your customers must feel your brand on a personal level. Therefore, you should know who they are, their tastes and preferences. We know the reasons why high-quality branding is so important. Also, as an expert digital marketplace, we understand its impact not only for direct success but also for your company’s future development. Over the years we provided experts in branding services that have effectively helped to re-brand and launch several successful brands across a wide range of industries. These include e-commerce, luxury mobile, luxury automotive, restaurants, retail, luxury jewelry, industrial products, B2B, hotels chains, financial institutions, healthcare, investment & banking and other.

Our brand design experts have a special five-stage process which is the secret to our flourishing branding history. Every brand development project that they work on will go through 5 phases. Experienced designers, artists, developers and brand consultancy specialists will work closely with you and outline weekly expectations and deliverables. Besides, specialists on our IT marketplace work on a flat rate pricing and deliver an individual approach to every client. If you are interested in rebranding your company or creating branding from scratch, our digital marketplace is a place you were looking for. We can connect you with a wide range of professionals, that will help your company to grow, create a positive brand image, increase engagement and provide better user experience. Do not waste your time hesitating and contact us in the chat right now. Find suitable developers, designers, and brand consultants that will make your company better.


Bellow, you can find more information on with what we are working and what solutions we provide.


Our solutions

Brand Image

We will ensure that all eyes are on your brand. It must be instantly recognizable, wherever clients may find you. So our team will go beyond ensuring a steady feel and look to set about making your brand memorable

Visual Appearance

Behind every font, colour, style of illustration or photography we recommend is an underlying principle. Our professional artists and designers make sure that every choice we make in showing your company in the best light in the world, across every platform, reflects the company we have come to know through the developing of your brand strategy.


We will find out what is the most important thing in your brand to each target audience, then go beyond topics to discover the voice that is very valuable to the relationship. We refine and test to make sure that everything is in the best shape or form it could be. How you speak about yourself, your customers, your industry, and partners is as much a part of your branding as your logo

Proper Naming

Proper naming is at once one of the most complicated and basic, fundamental decisions you can make. We will help you to navigate everything from trademark and patent issues to the inner roll outs that gain full business buy-in.


Nowadays in the era when emojis have become a normal form of communication overnight, it is quite clear that your design of brand logo is today more significant than ever. But usually, it is not so obvious how much strategy and work go into the design of a great logo before pen even touches paper

Recreating your company’s spirit

Our brand strategy agency makes sure that unique spirit of your firm depicts in your branding and business strategy. You should be aware of how much it does for a brand, showing and sharing everything you do as a company. Brand storytelling, marketing campaigns, recruitment, employee initiatives, – all of this should depict your company’s atmosphere, beliefs, and goals

Stages of Brand Development

Here you can find specialists that will learn about and analyze your brand in order to get to know your product or service and dive into the details of your business strategy. They will also review and audit all of your company data and contribute our experience to make a professional brand strategy

On our digital marketplace you can find specialists that will provide expert brand strategy services and make a comprehensive analysis of our findings and bring them together to create a laconic new brand business plan of action and brand positioning.

Our aim for every brand that we are working with is to create and position it for short-term gains and long-term development in its market. We achieve this by developing a brand image that becomes immediately effective and recognizable by your target audience

Experts on our IT marketplace will compile the brand strategy and all of the work for your branding into a summarizing guidebook for position, execution and company development

Our experts will compile the brand strategy and all of the work for your branding into a summarizing guidebook for position, execution and company development

Depending on your situation and requirements we are going to rebrand or launch your new brand. Also, we will help you with social media promotion

With our professional branding services you will get


The basic foundation for any brand is an attractive and effective online presence. We will provide you with best online platforms that will meet your business needs


Your brand only can grow and achieve success if you build your presence and help your future customers and clients to get to know you. That will help you to enlarge your audience by attracting more potential customers and clients for your brand


Your site visitors will only add value if they are getting in touch with an inquiry or interact with you by buying products. We will use data-driven techniques to help your visitors to make a positive action

Geolance Branding & Brand Development Services Include:

  • Brand Naming
  • Market Research
  • Logo Design Service
  • Trademark Consulting
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Optimization Services
  • Corporate Identity Branding Design
  • Environment Retail Design
  • Small Business Branding
  • Content Development
  • Package Design
  • Collateral Design

If you are looking for professionals that will help you to build an effective Branding, Geolance is the best choice. As a digital marketplace, we have a huge assortment of specialists that are working extra hard to help your companies flourish and become successful.

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