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Android App Development

Mobile phones are essential in the modern world. Consumer requirements for mobile technologies are also increasing. To meet these needs in the ever-changing world of mobile development, there is an increased need to create a competitive mobile application.

Android app programming, development & design

Geolance is a professional IT marketplace that specialises in Android programming and Android design. We serve various groups of clients and have experience in all types of Android developmentAndroid developers on our digital marketplace can create and distribute programs that will be used exclusively for your company or your employees. They do not only develop the application but determine what is necessary for its functioning: basis for programming, functionality testing and deployment. We work closely with clients, discussing each step, from the idea to the installation.

If you need a quality Android application that will be user-friendly and trouble-free – our marketplace will provide specialists for you!

Benefits of Geolance development solutions

Expert Developers

Our experienced developers specialise specifically in Android applications development. They are designated to work on your creative app idea.

Agile Android Development Approach

Here in Geolance, our developers use a custom agile process for all of our Android mobile app development projects. That maximises speed, minimises risks, and gives transparency.

Full In-House Coding

Your future Android application code can be outsourced or completed in-house at our office in Toronto. Also, you can outsource partners code from our marketplace

End-To-End Services

Our Android app development services include product strategy, consulting, development, UX/UI design, usability testing and launching.

Support & Maintenance

Our IT marketplace offers Android development specialists, that provide support and maintenance. Hire our Android developers, and we will help you to stay on top of app upgrades and operating system updates.

Deployment on Google Play

Specialists on our digital marketplace will handle the application submission to the Google Play store. That includes descriptions and listing, asset gathering, icons and more.

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Android app UI & UX

UI (user interface) design – individual site elements that allow the user to interact with this website. UI design includes the organisation, grouping and alignment of interface elements. Also, a single style of interface elements and the available space are very important. UI improves usability while being a purely technical decision.

UX (user experience) design – experience interaction. UX design helps you to set goals and objectives, select appropriate UX tools to achieve your goals. Also, you can use it for product development, as it helps to find out the most convenient and easy ways to meet expectations of your target audience. And UX analysis of the final result helps you to learn whether the product meets the customer’s expectations and how high the level of user satisfaction is.

When compared with UI, UX is a broader concept. It includes a comprehensive user’s attitude to using the system as a whole – the information environment, its hierarchy, navigation, usability and design. Android developers on our digital marketplace are ready to help you with UI and UX design development for your Android application.

Android app design

Android mobile app design is an essential part of the application creation. Professional design services will help your app to become more attractive to users. Unique elements and originality – will bring success. Developers on our IT marketplace will help you create a mobile app that can be popular both among younger and older generations. They can make a unique design of homepage, main screen, interface, layout design, icons, menu, theme, buttons, etc.  Besides, our designers use various innovative tools and software. If you need the app design at latest standards – contact us, our Android app designers will help you!

Android game development

Today the Android games gained popularity. Games not only provide entertainment to users but are useful. They contribute to the full development of personality. Our digital marketplace guarantees the best quality of Android games, with multiple difficulty levels, including visual effects and animation. Here you can find specialists that develop games for all types of Android devices. You can quickly implement its plans for new games with the help of our developers.

Want a new Android game? Our IT marketplace is ready to connect you with specialists that will make a unique game using your cool idea.

We can help

Our experts have helped companies of all sizes reach their goals.  Those include creating brand awareness, increasing foot traffic in the store and generating sales.

We can help startups or visionaries with a big idea in all aspects of developing a product. From content strategy to launch we will help you develop a perfect product.

Geolance works with different brands and agencies around the world. We understand the importance of target markets, brand guidelines and creative approach.


We offer such customized services as:

Native Android App Development

Hybrid App Development (Xamarin, PhoneGap);

Android OS Customization

Android Widget Development Services

Android Launchers App Development

Android App Test Automation

App Support, Maintenance & Optimization

Android App Programming

App Testing for Flawless Performance

Our digital marketplace offers experts in development of custom mobile apps for various industry verticals and domains.

Music & Restaurants

  • Restaurant applications
  • Music player applications
  • Applications for online food ordering

Social Media

  • Applications for social networking
  • Chat messengers
  • Applications for video calling

Fitness & Health

  • Applications for fitness and exercise
  • Weight loss applications
  • Applications for fitness tracking

E-commerce & Shopping

  • Applications for retail
  • Coupon and deals applications
  • Applications for E-commerce

Applications for Gaming

  • Multi-player games
  • Action games
  • Location-based games

E-Learning & Education

  • Applications for kids education
  • University and school applications
  • Applications for E-learning

Recreation & Sports

  • Applications for live streaming
  • Live score applications
  • News applications

Video & Photography

  • Applications for photo editing
  • Camera-based applications
  • Applications for slideshows

Our four-level project management system

Specialists on our digital marketplace provide high-quality customer service by deploying collaborative and innovative project management systems. The four-level system includes:

1 - Telling your business requirements and needs for the Android application

Our analysts will review your project requirements and select strategy that suits your project the most.

3 - Choosing terms and timelines engagement

You can determine the engagement timelines for your project execution. But we will finalise them after the project consultation provided by our specialists

Professional optimization of embedded software

2 - Discussing details of the project with our team of analysts and developers

We will contact you to review the specific aspects of your project. Our experts will offer suitable solutions for your project development.

4 - Making a secure payment online and get started!

Make payment through our secure online system, and our developers will immediately start on your project within 24 hours.

Geolance Technologies Expertise

Our Android App Development experts use only modern and innovative technologies that include:

Apache Cas.
Zend Framework

If you are looking for professionals that will help you to build an effective Android App, Geolance digital marketplace is the best choice. As a leading digital marketplace, we have huge expertise and are working extra hard to help your companies flourish and become successful.

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