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Digital Product Development

We Are Specialists in Digital Product Development

Geolance marketplace can connect you with top specialists that can give life to your ideas and create mobile and web apps. They can also help you with APIs and other software products that meet market expectations and your business needs. Our experts use only modern and innovative technologies and offer a wide range of services and professional guidance through the development process.

Product Design Experience

Usability is an extremely important area in the development of a digital product, but for many, it remains mysterious due to its relative novelty and constant development.

When it comes to designing UX, the definition includes the techniques and tools by which a designer can improve usability. Directly the «design» itself is aimed at increasing the usefulness, usability, and efficiency of the product or service in user experience.

Visual design is how the product looks, and usability is how it is perceived. But that is not all. Usability includes all aspects of user interaction with the company — from customer service to product quality. Keep in mind that many UX designers use the terms «product» and «service» as interchangeable.

Every time you interact with a product, software or an object, you perceive it as a user. So, the key task of designing UX is to make this experience as successful as possible.

The design process is intended to help the product achieve its business goals and make sure that these goals coincide with the user's goals.

Mobile Development

In the mobile technology era, a mobile app is a must-have for your business to get the customers’ attention. With over five years of experience, Geolance digital marketplace can provide talented app developers and experts that have all the skillsets you require to build iOS or Android apps that are simple to use, provide an excellent user experience, with great speed and overall look and feel.

In the world of multichannel communications, customers interact with companies in more and more diverse ways. Mobile applications and web services have become one of the most important sources of information for decision-making. This creates new challenges and opens up new opportunities for business development and management.

Development of mobile applications for customers shows that an intuitive, simple application can bring real, measurable benefits for improving business efficiency, decision-making speed, loyal customers and attracting new audiences.

Mobile applications occupy our smartphones and tablets. With their help, we book tickets to the cinema, pay bills, call a taxi. First, it's convenient. All necessary actions need just a few minutes, and a mobile device is always at hand. Second, it is nice from an aesthetic point of view. The design of applications has moved far ahead. Animated screensavers and icons make working with mobile services attractive.

Web Product Development

Web development is the process of creating a website or a web application. The main stages of the process are web design, HTML coding, programming for the web on the client and server sides, and also the configuration of the web server.

Specialists on our digital marketplace have proven to be a trustworthy partner for innovative startups and tech companies. They deliver full-cycle software development services in different spheres of business domains and technology stacks. Also, they assist companies at different stages of a product lifecycle, from idea to development, design, testing, maintenance, and support.

Developers on Geolance marketplace help clients to bring their ideas to life and create mobile and web apps, APIs and other software products that meet market expectations and their business needs. They all use modern and innovative technologies and offer a wide range of services and professional guidance through the development process.

On our IT marketplace you can hire full-cycle software development experts for different spheres of business domains and technology stacks.

Quality Assurance (QA)

You have a successful business and put all your effort and resources into a new project, but somehow after the kick-off, the users seem more likely to click on your competitor’s sites. Maybe the reason lies in the faults, which managed to find the loopholes in your software.

So, it’s about time you did software testing and quality assurance. Geolance digital marketplace might be the right choice for you.

Poor work process organization is the core pitfall in quality assurance. The more time you use unproductively, the less value for money you get. Specialists on our marketplace have all the QA processes up and running, and they make sure that testing software is a highly efficient process by:

  • Avoiding unnecessary processes during quality assurance testing
  • Facilitating communication between your company’s departments, thus increasing work efficiency
  • Responding promptly to users’ feedback
  • Ensuring that your applications work properly in real time.

Hosting Services

Geolance offers hosting specialists that will be the best fit for your website. Some of the popular hosting packages include a Low-cost Shared Hosting Package which is suitable for personal blogs, or a Premium Hosting Package for those who have intensive business needs.

1. Shared hosting. This is the most affordable option for medium traffic websites. By sharing a large server with multiple sites, the cost for shared hosting will be significantly lower than other packages.

2. Business hosting. With this hosting package, your site will be on the Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS works similarly like Shared hosting server. However, your site still shares a large server with some other companies’ websites. However, the number of websites on VPS is fewer than that of a shared hosting server. Therefore, your site performance will be more stable, and your website will run smoother.

3. Premium hosting. Choosing this package, your website will be hosted on a Dedicated Server which means you will have a server dedicated to your website without having to share with other sites. If your website has high traffic and requires ultimate security, then the premium hosting package is the ideal option for your business.

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