Bitcoin has fallen to $ 13,000. Bitcoin Cash is growing. What’s happening?

Bitcoin has fallen to $ 13,000. Bitcoin Cash is growing. What’s happening?

After unprecedented growth, which began in the first days of December, the market of cryptocurrency has undergone a deep correction. In just a day, Bitcoin rate fell by more than 20%. Analysts predict an even more serious drop — to $ 10,000. At the same time over the past couple of weeks, the price of the “clone” Bitcoin has significantly increased. This “clone” is Bitcoin Cash.

Let’s collect all the forecasts of analysts for 2018

On December 5, payment service BitPay announced the expansion of the list of supported crypto-currencies. Among which in the first place was Bitcoin Cash. BitPay is a company that provides its cryptocurrency storage software. Also, it issues special debit cards for Bitcoin. And it represents an exchange for users who do not want to bother with entering and withdrawing fiat money through crypto-exchange exchanges. Since the announcement of the service to support Bitcoin Cash, the exchange rate has risen to $ 3,000. The next push was the message of the exchanges Coinbase and GDAX about the immediate start of Bitcoin Cash trading. The course, which was raised for several days, immediately reacted to this message and overcame the $ 4000 mark. Just a couple of minutes after the start of trading on the exchanges, the pair BCH / USD showed “significant volatility”. It led to an immediate stoppage of trades. The exchange rate of Bitcoin Cash for Coinbase and GDAX was about $ 9500 for about an hour.

This could happen because of insider trading. Exchange employees a few weeks before Bitcoin Cash was added to the listing knew about this event. So they could easily buy currency on other exchanges to earn a jump at the time of the addition. At the same time, Coinbase wrote in its blog that its employees “were forbidden to trade Bitcoin Cash a few weeks before the official announcement”. Therefore, violation of this prohibition would lead to criminal liability. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said: “If we find evidence that one of the employees is violating our requirements – directly and indirectly – I immediately fire this employee and take appropriate legal measures.”

Reasons for Bitcoin fall

CEO and the ardent defender of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver also tried to protect the US stock exchange from “unreasonable charges”. In an interview with CNBC, he said that the practice of insider trading “is not a crime and does not require the intervention of regulators, even if the fact of using internal information for own enrichment is confirmed.”

“I think insider trading is not a crime. In the end, buyers should be aware of what kind of service they have chosen, whether it is a stock exchange or an ordinary coffee shop. Do not think that the government will protect you from everything in the world, “Ver noted.

Against the background of these events, the bitcoin rate began to fall. As of December 22, the weighted average rate is $ 13,600, according to CoinMarketCap. At the same time, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency fell to $ 228 billion. Moreover, the total capitalization of the market fell by more than $ 100 billion in just one day. There are several reasons for this correction. One of them is the statement of the founder and co-founder of Emil Oldenburg wrote that he sold all his Bitcoins. In a conversation with the journalist of the Swedish site Breakit, Oldenburg stressed that he considers Bitcoin unsuitable for active cryptography. Therefore, he sold all the coins, and bought Bitcoin Cash for the proceeds.

“Bitcoin has become the riskiest investment now. This is an extremely high risk. So I recently sold all my bitcoins and switched to Bitcoin Cash”, Oldenburg said.

The role of Roger Ver

It is interesting in this situation that the immediate head of Oldenburg is Roger Ver. He is the owner of and one of the largest capitals in the Bitcoin Cash network. In October of this year, Ver stated that he considered Bitcoin Cash to be a “true” Bitcoin. It happened after reflecting the legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto, and recently noted that investors should prepare themselves for the depreciation of Bitcoin. They should invest their money in Bitcoin Cash.

Correction in the market also accompanies the news background. A few days ago there were reports that the issuer of tokenized dollars Tether was subjected to a hacker attack, as a result of which the attackers could take about $ 31 million in USDT. But despite the fact that Bitcoin and most coins have seriously fallen in price, traders call this the “Christmas sale” and are optimistic.

LedgerX and its activities

On the American exchange LedgerX, an unknown trader placed an order worth $ 990,000 for the right to buy up to 275 BTC at the end of 2018. The rate was made using a contract. It allows you to purchase an asset at a certain price up to a given date, regardless of the current price. The buyer gave $ 3,600 for 1 BTC to fix the price of $ 50,000 until December 28, 2018. Before this date he/she wants to cover the entire volume of the transaction. However, now she/he will have to pay another $ 13,750,000. Moreover, the total amount of investments will be about $ 15 million. CEO LedgerX Paul Chow said that “an unknown buyer” could be an investment fund that until recently did not have the opportunity to work with Bitcoin on regulated sites.

“I do not doubt that there are entire structures that are interested in such transactions and are already participating in them. This is not a private investor, let’s say so, “Chow said.

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Global Investment Partners, in an interview with Bloomberg, confirmed past statements that “Bitcoin is a bubble. In one day this bubble will burst, but that will not prevent investors from earning on the cryptocurrency.”

“I do not see any signs that could say that the speculative bubble is ready to burst. Before this, at least institutional investors and pension funds should enter the market. Bubbles do not burst, while there are buyers until there is a load, but it still does not. I think that’s what we’re waiting for”, says Novogratz.

Ten years have passed since the financial crisis. What to fear in the future?

Ten years have passed since the financial crisis. What to fear in the future?

Bloomberg interviewed ten economists, banking specialists and other experts. They found out what things should be feared shortly in the economy. Among them — unstable oil prices, unsatisfactory situation in China and a possible Bitcoin bubble.

The collapse of quantum foundations

When you recollect the financial crisis, you will realize that the collapse of quantum funds (investment funds that use quantum analysis in their work, create predictive models to find out how attractive investment is) has become its harbinger. Quantum funds experienced great losses in August 2007. Exactly one year before the financial catastrophe.The founder of a similar fund – AQR Capital Management – Clifford Asness says that the second collapse of quantum funds is inevitable. Quantum strategies are popular, and popularity is what drives them to move in one direction. Be it a path to success or failure. As a result, the second collapse of such funds will happen due to the negative influence of the media.

Cyber attacks

Bill McNabb took over the leadership of Vanguard Group Inc. just after the financial crisis and helped the company increase the value of its assets by $ 3 billion. Now he is going to leave his post and says that his primary concerns are related to cybersecurity: “Our budget for cybersecurity has grown ten times over the past seven years”, says McNabb.


Kyle Bass, the founder of the asset management company Hayman Capital Management LP, which monitors the situation in China, said that the country’s leadership hides the unsatisfactory state of the banking system — for political reasons.Zhu Ning, deputy director of the National Institute for Financial Studies at Tsinghua University, raises the same question in her book China’s Guaranteed Bubble. According to him, the enormous amount of debt burdening the Chinese financial system, combined with an overheated real estate market, creates significant risks for the economy, from which the rest of the world is waiting for growth.

Stability of exchanges

If you divide the hours of the trading day by a quarter, then there is no such important segment as the last 15 minutes. It is at this point that the final prices are set, which affect the trading portfolios and pension accounts. And if stopping the work of one of the stock exchanges – due to an internal malfunction or a cyber attack – will not affect the market during the day, then any mistake in the last 15 minutes will lead to unpredictable consequences.Formally, there is a “plan B”, according to which one of the exchanges will be a backup for another in this situation. But the fact is that in such cases this plan has not been tested – and this leaves a lot of questions unanswered.According to Joanna Fields, CEO of the consulting firm Aplomb Strategies Inc, the lack of the ability to set the final price of shares may affect other types of securities, including options and OTC derivatives. “There may be a chain reaction”, says Fields.

Real estate market

Diversification is not always safe, says Jared Dillian, who previously ran the stock investment fund. “Retail investors who buy exchange investment funds or index funds think their assets are diversified”, Dillian said. But, as he said, not everyone understands, that these in these trades are involved by a lot of people. We can turn around ten years ago and see how things can go wrong.This practice does not lead to a financial crisis. But Dillian believes that this could lead to the sale of assets – a year, five or even ten years. “This situation has the potential to reach the scale of a major market collapse”, Dillian said.

Bitcoin Bubble

Discussions on whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not continue to divide the financial world. On the one hand, billionaire Mike Novogratz spoke of the intention to earn “a bunch of money” in the Bitcoin boom. JPMorgan Chase CEO James Dimon, on the other hand, calls people who buy cryptocurrency “stupid.”But the consequences of the likely collapse of the cryptocurrency will be limited. Due to their relatively small popularity. However, this may change. The entire cryptocurrency market is relatively small – $ 300 billion. After all, this is ten times more than at the beginning of the year.The potential affirmation of the trade in Bitcoin futures means that digital assets can soon become quite popular. Co-director of Themis Trading LLC, Joseph Saluzzi, says that cryptocurrency derivatives are risky. Furthermore, they legitimize assets with prices received from unregulated exchanges subject to manipulation and fraud.According to Saluzzi, this situation in the future has every chance to look like collateralized debt obligations, which contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. “Cryptocurrency will make it attractive to be invested in”, he says.Risks related to crypto-currencies can also spread to the entire economy if the crypto credits gain popularity. And while the idea is still in its infancy, there are already startups offering dollar loans in exchange for digital assets such as Bitcoin. If these assets collapsed, the borrowers’ ability to repay the debt would also be lost.


Tad Rivelle, co-director of the Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund, shows the growing gap between the value of US household assets and GDP growth. This is a sign that the economy is heading for a fall. This difference is greater than the one before the bubbles that preceded the two known recessions: the dot-com crash in 2001 and the 2008 crisis. According to him, the most worry is now the policy of low and negative interest rates. Moreover, it contributes to higher prices and forces investors to take more risky decisions.


David Preiser, the member of the board of directors of the investment bank Houlihan Lokey Inc., believes that the next crisis will occur because of the loss of confidence in any region. Praiser believes that such regions can become the European Union and the euro area. He says that for a long time the Europeans worked together, but everything changed after the UK withdrew from the EU. Preiser emphasizes that when the next crisis occurs in the euro area, the confidence that the Union will rally will be much less.


Ryutaro Kono, a senior economist at the Japanese division of BNP Paribas, says that Japan’s fiscal easing. Also, it carries risks. Unless drastic measures are taken to eliminate the financial problems of the country. According to Kono, the yen could fall to 150 units per dollar – compared to about a 111 yen now. This can increase inflation from the current 0.7% to 4-5% or even higher.According to the International Monetary Fund, Japan has the largest public debt of industrialized countries. It equals to about 240% of GDP. The possible reason for the weakening of the yen may also be the downgrade of the country’s credit rating. Kono says that because of this, it will be more difficult for creditors to borrow foreign currency. This in turn will force them to “sell the yen to buy dollars, as it was during the 1998 financial crisis” in Japan.


Sir Michael Hintze, head of CQS U.K. LLP, believes that one thing that can turn all the assumptions about global growth is another decline in oil prices. “Such a situation can provoke large-scale consequences”, says Hintze. Also, he adds that a mark of $ 35 per barrel could be a turning point. Hintze says investors will be very unhappy if they ignore this moment and its harmful consequences on the world economy.

Absence of the right to an error

Since mid-2018, only one organization, The Bank of New York Mellon, will be in charge of securities for almost $ 2 trillion. It received them from so-called repurchase transactions. It means a purchase or sale of a security with an obligation to repurchase or purchase after a certain period in advance agreed on the price. JPMorgan Chase, its long-time rival, decided to withdraw from this sphere.The Bank of New York Mellon has invested billions in upgrading and modernizing its technologies. However, some investors fear that any malfunction could damage the bond markets. “It is troubling that the market can suffer only because of one mistake. This is not an ideal situation”, says Adam Dean, Managing Director of Square 1 Investment Management Inc.

The scale of the next crisis

According to Deepak Gulati, General Director of Argentiere Capital AG, the next crisis will have more consequences than the past. While the last crisis “was about greed, the next crisis will be about the need,” he says. “Then we had about 15 investment banks trying to make a profit. Now thousands of market participants hunt for money”, Gulati notes.


Dan Fass, an investor with 59 years of experience, says he is an optimist. But even he began to notice changes in the mood of partners – he said, they became cautious, especially in Asia. “Usually, our clients decide to invest in assets in the US, but recently they are investing money elsewhere”, says Fass.If you need Intellectual Business Consulting Services — drop us a message!
Three tips on how to protect your savings in cryptocurrencies

Three tips on how to protect your savings in cryptocurrencies

Now its assets in the cryptocurrency can be much more secure than at the beginning of the decade. But investors still face many risks. They are threatened with specific things: new fraudulent schemes are constantly appearing, and the old ones are regularly reborn.

A few simple steps will help digital coin holders protect themselves from the most common attacks.

Use physical drives

One of the main ways to secure your digital savings is to keep them on a physical device, a USB drive without access to the Internet, which will store keys and currency locally. Experts say that large amounts should not be left on accounts in online exchangers or wallets. On the Internet, scammers have too many ways to get into your wallet or make sure that you have access to it.

Such physical wallets, like Trezor or Ledger Nano S, cost only $ 100 and less, and it’s very easy to configure them. You need to set a PIN, and also select a phrase to restore it, if necessary. Emin Gan Sierer, a researcher at Cornell University, says that the password for recovery should be in a fire-proof safe.

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Do not keep a lot of money on online wallets

The disadvantage of a physical device is that with such an approach it becomes problematic to confirm transactions. If you need more flexible access to assets, experts offer to keep a small amount in online purses. The key point – keep that amount, which you do not mind losing.

Applications such as Mycelium Wallet, which are compatible with popular physical wallets, will allow you to manage your money more efficiently. But in any case, do not store large sums in online purses.

Also, pay attention to where you store the private keys. Make sure that they are encrypted. Try not to keep on the devices that you use for many different tasks. For example, on a working PC.

Do not forget about the little things

It is also important to remember that all the little things that you are already doing (after all you do the same?). To protect your data on the Internet, also protect the savings in cryptocurrencies. The director of security of the exchanger Coinbase Philip Martin advises to use password managers and two-factor authentication. Particularly concerned, Martin suggests including Advanced Protection for Gmail, which even more reliably protects against phishing and hacking accounts.

The rate of Bitcoin for the first time exceeded $ 7,000. Now the cost of cryptocurrency is $ 7097. This is evidenced by the data of Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin is growing amid news that one of the largest stock exchanges of financial derivatives CME Group before the end of the year will start trading futures for bitcoin. Another possible reason is the purchase of bitcoin before the future fork of Bitcoin2x, which will occur before the end of the month.

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«Black mining» or Cryptojacking: how to earn money through other people’s computers

«Black mining» or Cryptojacking: how to earn money through other people’s computers

If your computer starts to work slower, and in payments for electricity there are prohibitive amounts — you may have been a victim of black miners.

To run the cryptocurrency, the average user needs four things: powerful computer hardware, a special program for mining, a reliable pool (the server that distributes the calculation of the block signature between the group of miners) and self-confidence. However, every year the process of mining Bitcoin becomes more difficult, and competition is increasing.

Today, one transaction takes about as much electricity as it spends for a day 1.6 American family. And according to forecasts, by 2020 the electricity consumption for Bitcoins will be equal to the annual energy consumption indicator of the country like Denmark.

In such conditions alone to earn Bitcoin from a home computer is almost impossible, but alternative currencies — Altcoins — quite. That’s why modern programmers-miners come up with new ways to obtain cryptocurrency using other people’s computers.

How cybercriminals use computers

Wherever there are rules, there are those who violate them. And the world криптовалют not an exception. Some miners do not pay for electricity, pulling the cable to the transformer, someone smuggling carries video cards from China.

But most often cryptocurrency borrowers use other people’s computers. In particular, in September of this year, Kaspersky Lab discovered two large networks of computers engaged in cryptocurrency mining. One network is approximately 4,000 pieces of equipment, the other — 5,000. As it turned out, they were all infected with the virus, and the owners of the equipment did not even suspect they were involved in the extraction of digital currency, helping the creators of the virus to earn tens of thousands of dollars every month.

As a rule, in the process of cryptojacking, crypto-loans Litecoin, Feathercoin, and Monero are extracted. Their extraction does not require the presence of equipment with large capacities, and it is possible to extract coins from ordinary home computers.

Types of cryptojacking

There are two main types of mining with the use of different computers, which are used by hackers.

1. Browser Mining

The warning that visiting dubious sites can harm your computer is also effective in the case of crypto-currencies. You just need to click on the link to the resource, in the script which the desired code is written, and, while you are on the site, your computer will become part of the network for the generation of cryptocurrency.

However, not only little-known sites fall into the risk zone. In September of this year in the epicenter of the scandal was a well-known Ukrainian media holding, whose users became involuntary extractors of Monero. A similar charge was put forward and the American television channel Showtime.

2. Viruses-miners

For the first time a virus-miner appeared in 2011, but since then it continues to hit the computers of ordinary users. You can pick it up by clicking on the link from the email or by installing a dubious program. All computers with strong technical characteristics fall into the risk zone.

Viruses do more harm to computers than browser mining, because they are more actively using computer power. Nevertheless, many more users become victims of browser attacks.

How to understand that your computer is infected

The only expressed sign of a mining attack is the braking of the computer.

If this happens on a particular site, then, perhaps, the attackers have penetrated through the browser. It is especially important to observe, whether the technics work typically, on the resources demanding long pastime, for example on torrent-trackers, sites with online games and films.

Another additional sign of the mining attack is high consumption of electricity.

Most often, antiviruses recognize programs with miners not as viruses, but as potentially dangerous programs that degrade the performance of the computer. In fact, the miners do not do any other harm than using your resources. It is also important to pay attention to this.

Popular virus programs for cryptojacking

It’s time to talk more about the tools that attackers use most often and which ordinary users need to know about to protect themselves.

1. Trojan Miner Bitcoin

If an average person on average loads his computer by 20%, then Miner Bitcoin increases this figure to 80 and even 100%. Spyware not only uses resources but also steals data about the owner of the equipment. A particular external sign of the presence of the virus is a higher noise level of the video card cooler. You can grab Miner Bitcoin by downloading Word documents or pictures, basically, it is distributed via Skype.

2. EpicScale

A program that uTorrent users have noticed and that uses the capabilities of other people’s computers to solve their problems. In response to the accusations, the company’s representatives noted that the funds received using mining go to charity. However, such a position is at least strange. Given the ignorance of the users of the torrent tracker about the use of their technique.

It is important to know that when you remove EpicScale, its executable files on the computer remain.

By the way, recently the scandal involving the production of cryptocurrency, flared up around the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay.

3. JS / CoinMiner

This is a type of malware that allows you to extract cryptocurrency through user’s browsers. Most often, scripts are being introduced into gaming sites and resources with streaming video. Such resources load the processor, which allows leaving undetected mining.

Browser mining: how to ensure its security

Today, there are several effective ways to protect your computer from browser attacks:

  1. Edit the file called hosts.
  2. Install the Anti-WebMiner utility and the NoCoin browser extension.
  3. Disable JavaScript in your browser using NoScript.
  4. Add a special Anti-Mine Filter to AdBlock and uBlock.

How to not catch a virus-miner: precautions

Here are some rules of dealing with a computer that will help you not to become a victim of miners. Read and use.

Basics of the basics: do not download unlicensed products, do not enter activation keys from untested sources, do not go through questionable links.

  1. If you are the owner of an Apple computer, set the option to download the software exclusively from the App Store.
  2. Remember that it’s not enough just to install an antivirus, it’s also important to constantly update it to the latest version.
  3. If you use Windows, create yourself a user account and log in with it. To install programs you need administrator rights, so you level the risks by accidentally downloading and running.
  4. If you notice that your computer is slow, start Task Manager and check to see if there is a program that uses your processor for 80-90%. However, if it is not there, do not rush to relax: often the programs-miners use less power and notice them more difficult.
  5. Install utilities that, in addition to anti-virus protection, report any changes to the registry. It’s best to install both uMatrix and RequestPolicy Continued at the same time, and the Antiminer blocker is also available to Google Chrome users. Scan your computer through AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes, which identifies spyware.

If your antivirus does not find a potentially dangerous program, you can try to reinstall the operating system, install another antivirus product, or contact a familiar programmer who will find malicious files and delete them.

The price of Bitcoin — $18,851.80

The price of Bitcoin — $18,851.80

The price of Bitcoin has already exceeded $18,851.80. A month ago, it cost less than $ 15, 000.

This morning the price of bitcoin exceeded $18,851.80. The value of the cryptocurrency was more than $ $18,851.80. CoinMarketCap provided this information.

For the first time, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $ 19,000 on December 18. Then the value of the cryptocurrency fell below $ 18,000. Then the Chinese government announced the closure of crypto-exchange entities and the banning of ICO.

New crypto-currency — Bitcoin Gold

The Bitcoin Gold project appeared relatively recently, led by Jack Liao, CEO of the Hong Kong mining company LightningASIC. Bitcoin Gold even has its slogan — «Make Bitcoin decentralized again». According to the developers, Bitcoin Gold will be based on the Equihash algorithm (as well as another popular Zcash cryptocurrency). Also, it will be optimized for mining using graphics processors. Jack Liao argues that this will reduce the impact of large mining companies on the very process of mining the cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that many users are still skeptical about the Liao project, the founder is sure that the idea of ​​creating and developing Bitcoin Gold is promising. In the future, the cryptocurrency will be able to strengthen and take a confident position among other players. However, while it is difficult to get support because of the lack of any detailed information about Bitcoin Gold, the project has its website.

One Bitcoin Gold developer told that «the project has already received tremendous interest from the community without even launching any major marketing campaign.»

Technical issues of Bitcoin Gold

There is no much information about the technical component. Lead developer Bitcoin Gold under the pseudonym h4x specified that the project is «still developing». All details, for example, the exact size of the block after the fork, are still under discussion. And a representative will announce them shortly. Earlier, Bitcoin Gold posted information about raising funds through an ICO, under which the development team would receive 1% of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) coins. However, soon somebody deleted all references to it. The only thing is known for sure — a change in complexity will occur after the extraction of each block, and not once in 2 weeks, as is the case with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

One should consider Bitcoin Gold as a «backup copy» of Bitcoin. The project developer says:

«Bitcoin Gold will become a kind of insurance in case something will happen to the original SHA256 network. Litecoin should play ad role as a «backup copy». However, Bitcoin Gold is better — it has the same coin distribution algorithm as Bitcoin.

Many participants in the bitcoin community still question the importance of the Bitcoin Gold project. Bitcoin Cash formed a much smaller network compared to the Bitcoin network and did not enlist the support of the community for further development. It stopped at a mark of 10-12% of the BTC cost. Immediately after the division, Taj Druja claimed that in the future, Bitcoin would have to endure much more forks. The main cause of which would be the thirst for money and not the good intentions of individual community members. After all, all Bitcoin holders (BTC) in their wallets will be able to receive new Bitcoin Gold (BTG) coins immediately after the fork, provided they have private keys from their wallets.

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8 most expensive virtual cryptocurrencies in the world to invest

All you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others. Learn why it is different from regular currency.

Bitcoin – $ 10,518.60

Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrency today. Since the beginning of 2017, its value is growing rapidly: the price of one bitcoin has risen from about $ 1.000 to almost $ 10.000. Cryptocurrency is in the first position not only in price per unit but also regarding market capitalization — $ 177 billion.

One can explain the popularity of Bitcoin by the fact that this is the first currency of its kind. Bitcoin was the first to introduce the principle of decentralization — a concept where the currency does not belong. No financial or any other institution control it. It was Bitcoin that provoked the appearance of a huge number of the same cryptocurrencies that exist nowadays.

Ethereum — $ 963

Ethereum — the second cryptocurrency regarding market capitalization (almost $ 93 billion) and the fourth at a price for one unit. The peculiarity of the Ethereum consists in «smart contracts» — the ability to register transactions with any assets within the framework of detachment. «Smart contracts» is the technology that replaces traditional legal procedures.

Now the cost of the Ethereum is about $ 963. For several months in 2017, the price of the currency remained at around $ 10, but at the end of November, the cost of the Ethereum jumped to the current.

Ripple — $ 1.28

Ripple is a global system of mutual settlements, which allows you to transfer almost any currency to anywhere in the world in seconds. Compared to Ripple, traditional ways of money transfers through SWIFT or Western Union seem outdated. At the moment, Ripple is fully focused on working with banks, offering them a more efficient and economical way of making remittances in real time around the world. Market capitalization is $ 49 billions, whereas the price of currency is $ 1.28.

Bitcoin Cash — $ 1 569

Bitcoin Cash separated from Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, on Tuesday, August 1. This is because some of the miners (those who provide their computing resources for the mathematical task of verifying and implementing bitcoin transactions) and bitcoin owners did not install the software to migrate to the new SegWit2x protocol. Market capitalization is $ 26,5 billions, whereas the price of currency is $ 1 569.

Litecoin — $ 172.96

Litecoin is the currency of the Litecoin system, created in October 2011. The system itself resembles Torrent. That is, all computers where the program is installed (which is a Lightcoin-wallet) are combined into a single network and can exchange electronic currency among themselves. All this is decentralized and anonymous.

This cryptocurrency is based on Bitcoin technology. But it did not think of it as an analog, but more like the evolved from Bitcoin. Market capitalization is $ 9 billions, whereas the price of currency is $ 172.96.

Dash — $ 726.08

Among the features of Dash cryptocurrency is the availability of private, i.e., secure, PrivateSend and InstantSend transactions. Decisions on any changes in the Dash are a common vote of the currency owners. This mechanism is called decentralized governance, and Dash developers became the first among their competitors who introduced such a principle.

Over the past eight months, the price of a unit of currency has increased significantly. If in January 2017 this indicator was at $ 10, now one Dash costs about $ 726. Market capitalization is $ 5.6 billions.

Zcash – $ 423.67

The main difference between Zcash and Bitcoin is the protection of information. The work of Bitcoin based on a traditional lockbox, where each record in the network contains data on the amount of the transaction, the sender and the recipient. Zcash uses a zero-disclosure protocol to confirm transactions without disclosing additional information about them.

After all, Zcash costs about $ 423.67. Market capitalization is $ 1.3 billions.

NEM — $ 0.94

NEM (New Economy Movement) means «a new movement of the economy» or «movement for a new economy». In this cryptocurrency, according to many, there is the philosophy of equal opportunities and financial freedom. It is decentralized and international. The whole world builds it. Nevertheless, it carries a wide, and according to some reviews, unlimited opportunities.

This digital currency became known in 2015, at the very beginning. Its feature is that unlike many, it was developed on entirely original open source code and became the “initiator” of some exciting and useful innovations. Take at least the POI algorithm, by which it functions. NEM costs about $ 0.94. Market capitalization is $ 8.52 billions.