Snapchat’s New Test

Snapchat’s New Test

In modern social media era, you have two options: die young, or live long enough to turn into Facebook.

Snap – is the parent company of Snapchat and it seems to hade down the latter path. After an unsatisfactory income report which sent the company’s stock dropping by nearly 25 percent. Snap announced an all-encompassing strategy change that enclosed more than a few hints of Facebook envy.

In an attempt to stimulate user growth, Snap’s chief executive, Evan Spiegel, announced that Snapchat would change its design for easier use. The app has a minimalist design that targeted teenagers, while often confusing their parents. It will soon have an adapted feed that uses algorithms to show relevant stories to users, rather than making them look through a reverse-chronological feed. Two big platforms, Facebook and Twitter, leaders of influencer marketing services, made an analogous change last year.

Snap has also changed its ad-buying practice to be more like Facebook’s, with ads that you can buy through an automated system. And it signaled last week that it wanted to increase its presence in the developing world, where Facebook is currently dominant. Also, only about 25 percent of Snapchat’s daily active users live outside North America and Europe. And Facebook is reigning with more than 65 percent of users abroad.

It’s hard to blame Snap, which is taking the Facebook route. As Facebook and Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, have been trying to copy Snapchat features for years. We are talking about Insta and Facebook stories. For instance, Instagram Stories, a near-clone of Snapchat’s most distinct feature, has reached 300 million daily active users. That is near twice as many as Snapchat.

But Snap’s revolved is more than a compulsory business move. It’s a condemnation of our existing tech landscape, and a caution sign for other start-ups hoping to take on the largest internet companies on their terms. If Facebook can still ruin a highly creative company with an app used by 178 million people, how is anyone supposed to thrive?

Snapchat’s distinctive qualities

Snap is still going strong as it remains trendy among American teenagers. Perhaps it is the most desirable marketing demographic in the world. Consumer analysis states that Snapchat has more users in the United States who are 12 to 24 years old than either Facebook or Instagram. Also, it has introduced some truly ground-breaking ideas, like the concept that not all digital communication should be permanently archived.

Still, the fact that Snap’s future is unsure should worry everyone, even if you are not using its products. That is because a world in which every flourishing internet platform must behave like Facebook is less innovative and a more boring world. It is creating conditions where there are no companies to challenge Facebook’s vision of the future digital world. It’s not a good sign that anyone, in order to survive as a competitor, must abandon the qualities that made it different in the first place.

Part of Snapchat’s innovation was in its different approach to social media marketing services, social networks, and messaging apps. Its disappearing photos stimulated sincere sharing of interesting moments with close friends, rather than showing off to a large audience of acquaintances.

Snapchat’s distinctive qualities also helped steer it clear of some problems that are now plaguing its rivals.

It appears that Snapchat, unlike Facebook, was never exploited by Russian propagandists to influence an election, and it has taken a responsible approach to preventing false information from appearing on its platform. Snapchat has not been overrun by bots and neo-Nazis, as Twitter has. And unlike Google, Snap has not harvested its users’ data in order to chase them around the internet with spammy ads for diet pills and miracle teas.

Snapchat weak points

Snapchat isn’t perfect by any means. Most of the troubles that company has have been self-inflicted. Snap has misled users about its data collection in the past, which led to a resolution with the Federal Trade Commission. It spent millions of dollars creating Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a built-in Snapchat camera. The news of it was everywhere, but actually, only a few people bought it.

Snapchat states that it was never supposed to be just a photo-sharing app. It was the quintessence of their worldview about how the internet should work.  They think that it should be temporary instead of permanent, candid instead of rehearsed, private instead of public. But why they started pursuing Facebook model?

Snap’s employees, many of whom come to the company because they believed that Snapchat would grow to massive size and be very popular, might bristle at any strategy that would hurt the value of their stock options. It would be very hard to say that Snapchat is going to be Facebook. They hope to be a multi-million-user social network that plays in a well carved-out niche.


Growth often comes at the expense of experimentation, and Snap’s decision to become more like Facebook is a worrying sign for people who care about preserving the internet’s original heterogeneity. Snapchat’s users once had something genuinely different, but it may be time for them to get more of the same.

The huge competition in the industry makes all social platforms change and shift if they want to stay relevant. Now the majority of platforms are copying Facebook, but you never know what waits for you just around the corner. Tomorrow we may see other platforms rise and take the crown

New Yes Movies App to Watch Movies Online on your Smartphone

New Yes Movies App to Watch Movies Online on your Smartphone

An application that allows you watches movies online without any fee. Just download Yes Movies App and sink into the world of your favorite TV show or film.

You don’t have time to go to the cinema. You want to have fun while you are traveling by watching your favorite series or TV show on your Smartphone. The best way to do this is to use the new yes movies app. With paid streaming services such as Netflix, which charge monthly and annual fees for your subscription, it seems to be a waste of money for those who want to watch the latest movies.

Speaking of the Netflix, it has a limited number of films and TV shows, and the new movies appear there later. Now you have the opportunity to browse your favorite movies online and free with the new yes movies app for your iOS and Android. With this app, you can freely broadcast any movie or TV show, old or new content from different countries and languages.

The main features of the app

User-friendly interface

The application is handy and easy to use. You just need to install it and enjoy the latest movie releases. It is without problems with payment, subscriptions, etc. Just open the app, look for the movie, and you can immediately view it anytime.


The application has many genres from horror, fantasy, and Sci-Fi to comedy, drama, romance, etc. If you install this app on your cell phone, you will never miss it.

International content

The app gives you access to content from around the world. You can watch movies from Canada, China, Britain, and United States without interruptions in excellent HD quality.


You can filter the search results according to your favorites in popularity, rating, IMBD rating, viewing, etc. You can also choose the country, year of release, and format (CAM, SD, HD).

New episodes on the day of release

With the new app, you do not have to wait a few days until your favorite TV show appears on the official site and you can view it. A movie or series will be instantly available in the English language in the program after its first release.

Fast streaming for your iOS or Android system

This program allows you quickly distribute videos. The users don’t need waiting for saving the video.


Based on the films that you have already reviewed, there will be a list of films of this type. It is under the window of streaming content. Moreover, if you are watching a TV show, you will find the following seasons, episodes, and similar types of it in your suggestions.


If the movie you want to view is not available, you can post the request. Depending on the frequency of requests and the availability of content, you can download video content to the application. All you have to do is just sign up for the app and log in.

Multiple platform support

The enormous advantage of the application is that you can access content from the website in your browser on both Windows and Mac. You will have all the same benefits on a wide screen.


The application is free to download. You only need to install it on your cell phone, and you have access to a movie library.


If you have problems accessing or need help, leave your message for technical support. But they will not be able to answer you soon. However, you have a way out. Enter your name and e-ID in the message field, and they will fix your problems as soon as possible.

You can download Yes Movie App on Android, PC, Mac, iOS, etc.

How to download Yes Movies for Android?

To test this marvelous Yes Movies app on your Android device, you need to install it. Follow these steps to download, and you will get the app on your device:

  1. Choose «Settings» on your cell phone;
  2. Scroll to Security;
  3. Navigate to unknown sources;
  4. Tap to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources;
  5. Open the browser and locate the Yes Movies APK file, click the download button;
  6. Wait for the Yes movies to complete the download;
  7. Install and open Yes movies app;
  8. You have a Yes Movies Android device on your Android now.

App on PC

Not everyone loves to watch movies on the phone. Developers made it possible to download this application to your computer. For this you need:

  1. Download Bluestaks emulator and install it on PC;
  2. Configure it;
  3. After that, you will be able to follow the same steps to download the app as for Android.

It is sad that iOS app development company doesn’t support this app. There are several alternatives for this application like MX Tube, which you can choose to use the same program as this app.


It is possible that your cell phone doesn’t support this application and you can’t view the video. There are many other programs that developers created for watching movies online. Let’s look at some of them.


It is one of the most popular online viewing programs that has many features. The app is not available on Google Play, but you can easily download it from the official website. The best part of this movie app is that you can also download the content you want and view your favorite content offline.

123 Movies

The huge advantage of this application is that it doesn’t show unwanted advertising. You not only can watch cult films and perform super hits but also download them on your device.

To sum up

You give him only your name and email, no further details. Moreover, you can scoop it anonymously. Sending your information to your app or website will allow you to access additional services and features that are not available to anonymous users. You can install the app on any Android system. It does not take much space, only 1.3Mb. If there is no movie you can contact the developers and they will download it as soon as possible.

Apple announced expansion of Swift Playgrounds

Apple announced expansion of Swift Playgrounds

Apple has announced that their educational coding app for iPad, Swift Playgrounds, will be expanding. It will teach children how to code using drones, robots and musical instruments. Apple made an announcement in advance of next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference and caused a great deal of resonance.

The Swift Playgrounds application

The company has already been working behind the scenes with quite a few companies, including Parrot, Sphere SPRK+, LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3, and others. They were looking for support to enable Bluetooth-enabled robots to connect and interface with the Swift Playgrounds application. So, next Monday we expect new features to arrive in a 1.5 update version that will appear on the App Store.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, stated that more than 1 million children and adults from all around the world are already using Swift Playgrounds. They take their opportunity to learn the basics of coding with Swift in an enjoyable and interactive way. They are learning while studying, so the whole process is really fun and at the same time beneficial. So, with the new expansion, they can immediately see the code they produce. They can directly manage their favorite drones, robots, and instruments through Swift Playgrounds.

Here, at Geolance, we believe that coding is a very important skill in the modern world. Learning how to code teaches you how to find quick solutions for problems and work in different creative ways. We think that everyone should be able to create something that can change the world and bring their ideas to life. So we’ve designed a program that lets anyone learn, write, and teach code. Such learning process is incredibly exciting and powerful way to study something new. The knowledge you get will be useful for a future career. It will make it easier for you to study further.

New features of Swift Playgrounds expansion

Now users of Swift Playgrounds can control UBTECH’s Jimu Robot MeeBot Kit, robotic LEGO creatures, Parrot’s Mambo. Also, they can power Sphero robotic balls, Airborne and Rolling Spider drones, and Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot. They can do that through creating code to power motors, perform aerial acrobatics, read device sensors, and walk, wave, dance, and roll, depending on the device’s capabilities. The new edition will also support the Skoog tactile cube. Children can code applications that let them explore the creation of music with Swift code.

The interesting fact is that at last year’s WWDC event Swift Playgrounds was first unveiled and released in the fall with iOS 10 with the aim of educating kids how to code in Apple’s latest programming language. Also, they highlight that the whole process of coding is only through interactive and fun tutorials. With this brand-new addition kids and adults all over the world can try to be a real developer, try themselves in coding and just have fun. Besides, you can spend your time or give an opportunity to your kid to spend time usefully and in a safe and educational environment.

New helpful developer options on iOS 11

New helpful developer options on iOS 11

iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith announced that he had successfully made full drag and drop support on iPhone. That become possible only because of the changes that he made to the iOS 11 developer beta code. Now he is ready to explain and share his secrets with all of us.

How is it now possible? That is the question that is asking every developer hearing this news. So, to make it work, he had adjusted some settings in a preferences.  Steve posted an iOS simulator video presenting the ability to drag icons between different apps on the screen.

As a top developing company in Canada, we shall admit that the performance is a little clunky, that’s because iOS 11 does not bring much-enhanced iPad’s Dock to iPhone. That means you have to use both hands to change apps at the same time as dragging an object. As a rule, iOS 11 is supporting drag and drop system on iPhone out of the box, but that is only in applications.

Drag and Drop on iPhone is rated by three things: Apple Internal folder, Dragging Enabled Phone and Dragging Enabled BOOLs in UIKit preferences .plist. Interprocess Drag and Drop on iPhone is gated by the BOOL ‘Cancel On Deactivation Phone’ in the UIKit preferences and those above.

The great thing is that now the new Files app gives you an opportunity to drag a file, picture or anything you want and drop it into a folder. Also, you can drag it with a finger and tap the Back button with another finger to move it to a different spot. Though, real inter-application drag and drop aren’t possible on iPhone yet without making changes to developer beta code on the iOS 11.

Steve Troughton-Smith states that Drag and Drop is enabling by preference keys on iPhone. It’s not like they haven’t built it, they just don’t think people will want it. Here’s the thing – if Apple doesn’t enable Drag & Drop for iPhone, everybody will want to jailbreak to get it. He doesn’t think that is in Apple’s interests.

Previously Apple hasn’t talked or made any announcements about basic Drag and Drop support on iPhone at WWDC. Certainly, we aren’t expecting any miracles in following betas regarding providing trait parity for Drag and Drop for iPad and iPhone. For the sake of fullness, Troughton-Smith did speculate that inter-app iPhone may be waiting to be on iPhone 8. Developers all over the world think that if Apple’s created an on-screen Home button on their iPhone 8, it would make a lot of sense to spring-load it for drag and drop. But we still wonder if full Drag and Drop would make sense on iPhone. Still, we can’t deny that this feature is very useful and is something that iOS lacked for quite a time.

Drag and Drop is a real deal for iOS 11, but let’s remember other great features of it. First, of course, Apple pay – now you can pay your friends with it. This feature is quite huge because users now can pay via an iMessage or with the help of Siri. It is using a debit or credit card that will be at their Wallet. Second, Siri-translation.  Now it can translate English phrases and words into German, French, Chinese, Spanish or Italian. Next are auto delete and new control center and much more. Don’t forget about iPad, because it is going to perform a lot more like a Mac. With new iOS 11, all users will be able to modify their docks with applications we use the most frequently. With every new version, Apple is trying to better and renovate their operating system.

We’ll see how it will be developing and we’ll be first to tell you about it. So, stay tuned!
Brand-New Home on Android TV

Brand-New Home on Android TV

The Android TV now has a brand-new home that will provide you with excellent experience using it. Equipped with the Google Assistant, it will make access to any of your apps easier than ever.

Brand-new app Android TV brings rich entertainment and experiences to the largest screen at your home. Android O gives users even easier access to the content from their favorite applications. We’ve built an original, content-centric, easy to use home screen experience for Android TV. Besides we’re using the Google Assistant to the platform as well. These features set a high plank and that is something that no one has done before. Every user can reach any content he or she likes, the access is just in a few spoken words, or clicks, away.

Brand-new Home Screen for Android TV

The latest home screen of Android TV organizes all video content into programs and channels in a manner that’s well-known to every TV viewer. Each of this TV app can bring out various channels that form rows of programs on your home screen. The cool thing is that applications and related programs on each channel, and also update these channels and programs when new content is available or as you access to the content. For better users’ engagement, programs may contain a video preview that app repeatedly plays when a client watches a program regularly. Also, every user has an opportunity to arrange what channels they wish to see on the home screen. They are fully in control of the ordering of channels, so the shows and themes they’re interested are in are quick and easy access.

Another great thing about this innovative platform is that it channels all your apps, so on the top section of the new home screen of Android TV you have a quick launch bar for your preferred apps, and an individual Watch Next channel. This channel is very useful; it contains programs that the app selects according to the viewing habits of every user individually.


The APIs for maintaining and creating programs and channels are a branch of the TvProvider APIs that distribute it as an Android Support Library element with Android O. If you want to start using these APIs, we recommend you visit the Android O Developer Preview site to catch a general idea. As they say, it is better to it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Then try out the Android TV Programs and Channels code lab for experiencing new Android TV app for Android O for the first time. Now you don’t need even to click anything, just use your voice and manage everything on your screen.

Another news is around the corner, because later this year, Nexus Players will get an OTA update – the new Android TV home experience. Don’t be sad if you wish to test and build apps for the new interface today; we have a great solution for you, just use the Nexus Player device images that are a component of the most recent Android O Developer Preview or Android TV emulator.

Android TV has the Google Assistant

You can enjoy all the benefits that the Google Assistant offers because it’s coming later this year on Android TV. That will allow every user to have a quick access and easily find any content via their voice. Also, it can help to narrow down what content they want to see. You will also be able to access the Assistant, even while music or video is playing, managing playback. And as the Assistant can arrange friendly smart home devices, with a simple voice request you can dim the lights and create perfect movie viewing atmosphere. When the Google Assistant adds to Android TV, it will start in the United States on Android devices running N, M and O.

Here at Geolance, we’re looking forward to seeing how modern developers will take advantage of the innovative Android TV home screen. We are waiting to have a chance to have a glimpse of it ourselves. Our team of expert developers welcome feedback. So, please, visit the Android TV Developer Community on G+ to share your ideas and thoughts!

View and manage all your iOS 10.3 Apple devices

View and manage all your iOS 10.3 Apple devices

There is a new section in iOS 10.3 at the top of the Settings app. It is a very useful place for viewing a bunch of the information connected to your Apple ID. That includes a single point of access for the iTunes, iCloud, Family Sharing and App Store sections.  Until now they were scattering from elsewhere. You can enjoy the handy and smooth performance of your device, and you can manage all your data faster. Apple has also added some brand new features in this section. It gives you access to information that you could only find by logging into the Apple ID websites or iCloud before. You can save your time and reach everything you want easily.

Also, the new section displays all devices that connect to your Apple ID, that includes not only your iOS devices but also all of your Macs and any Apple TV devices or Apple Watch that you have signed into. That is not just a list; it goes far beyond that, but — tapping will bring you to a screen showing you more details on any of these devices. This includes a shortcut for Find My iPhone, Mac, iPad, Watch and whether it’s enabled or not and status of iCloud backups for iOS devices, followed by OS version, model, and serial number information.

News for devices that support Apple Pay

There is also news for devices that support Apple Pay. Now they will also show a list of the cards that appeared on each device. That is along with the capacity to remove all of your cards from that gadget. It’s a quite handy way to maintain all of your iOS devices. It’s especially useful if you need to find quickly the serial number of an iPad or Mac that you don’t have with you. Also, it is good if you want to get rid of your payment information when you’ve lost a device. You can be sure that all your information is secure. So, you don’t need to worry that something will leak anywhere.