Now its assets in the cryptocurrency can be much more secure than at the beginning of the decade. But investors still face many risks. They are threatened with specific things: new fraudulent schemes are constantly appearing, and the old ones are regularly reborn.

A few simple steps will help digital coin holders protect themselves from the most common attacks.

Use physical drives

One of the main ways to secure your digital savings is to keep them on a physical device, a USB drive without access to the Internet, which will store keys and currency locally. Experts say that large amounts should not be left on accounts in online exchangers or wallets. On the Internet, scammers have too many ways to get into your wallet or make sure that you have access to it.

Such physical wallets, like Trezor or Ledger Nano S, cost only $ 100 and less, and it’s very easy to configure them. You need to set a PIN, and also select a phrase to restore it, if necessary. Emin Gan Sierer, a researcher at Cornell University, says that the password for recovery should be in a fire-proof safe.

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Do not keep a lot of money on online wallets

The disadvantage of a physical device is that with such an approach it becomes problematic to confirm transactions. If you need more flexible access to assets, experts offer to keep a small amount in online purses. The key point – keep that amount, which you do not mind losing.

Applications such as Mycelium Wallet, which are compatible with popular physical wallets, will allow you to manage your money more efficiently. But in any case, do not store large sums in online purses.

Also, pay attention to where you store the private keys. Make sure that they are encrypted. Try not to keep on the devices that you use for many different tasks. For example, on a working PC.

Do not forget about the little things

It is also important to remember that all the little things that you are already doing (after all you do the same?). To protect your data on the Internet, also protect the savings in cryptocurrencies. The director of security of the exchanger Coinbase Philip Martin advises to use password managers and two-factor authentication. Particularly concerned, Martin suggests including Advanced Protection for Gmail, which even more reliably protects against phishing and hacking accounts.

The rate of Bitcoin for the first time exceeded $ 7,000. Now the cost of cryptocurrency is $ 7097. This is evidenced by the data of Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin is growing amid news that one of the largest stock exchanges of financial derivatives CME Group before the end of the year will start trading futures for bitcoin. Another possible reason is the purchase of bitcoin before the future fork of Bitcoin2x, which will occur before the end of the month.

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