The price of Bitcoin has already exceeded $18,851.80. A month ago, it cost less than $ 15, 000.

This morning the price of bitcoin exceeded $18,851.80. The value of the cryptocurrency was more than $ $18,851.80. CoinMarketCap provided this information.

For the first time, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $ 19,000 on December 18. Then the value of the cryptocurrency fell below $ 18,000. Then the Chinese government announced the closure of crypto-exchange entities and the banning of ICO.

New crypto-currency — Bitcoin Gold

The Bitcoin Gold project appeared relatively recently, led by Jack Liao, CEO of the Hong Kong mining company LightningASIC. Bitcoin Gold even has its slogan — «Make Bitcoin decentralized again». According to the developers, Bitcoin Gold will be based on the Equihash algorithm (as well as another popular Zcash cryptocurrency). Also, it will be optimized for mining using graphics processors. Jack Liao argues that this will reduce the impact of large mining companies on the very process of mining the cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that many users are still skeptical about the Liao project, the founder is sure that the idea of ​​creating and developing Bitcoin Gold is promising. In the future, the cryptocurrency will be able to strengthen and take a confident position among other players. However, while it is difficult to get support because of the lack of any detailed information about Bitcoin Gold, the project has its website.

One Bitcoin Gold developer told that «the project has already received tremendous interest from the community without even launching any major marketing campaign.»

Technical issues of Bitcoin Gold

There is no much information about the technical component. Lead developer Bitcoin Gold under the pseudonym h4x specified that the project is «still developing». All details, for example, the exact size of the block after the fork, are still under discussion. And a representative will announce them shortly. Earlier, Bitcoin Gold posted information about raising funds through an ICO, under which the development team would receive 1% of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) coins. However, soon somebody deleted all references to it. The only thing is known for sure — a change in complexity will occur after the extraction of each block, and not once in 2 weeks, as is the case with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

One should consider Bitcoin Gold as a «backup copy» of Bitcoin. The project developer says:

«Bitcoin Gold will become a kind of insurance in case something will happen to the original SHA256 network. Litecoin should play ad role as a «backup copy». However, Bitcoin Gold is better — it has the same coin distribution algorithm as Bitcoin.

Many participants in the bitcoin community still question the importance of the Bitcoin Gold project. Bitcoin Cash formed a much smaller network compared to the Bitcoin network and did not enlist the support of the community for further development. It stopped at a mark of 10-12% of the BTC cost. Immediately after the division, Taj Druja claimed that in the future, Bitcoin would have to endure much more forks. The main cause of which would be the thirst for money and not the good intentions of individual community members. After all, all Bitcoin holders (BTC) in their wallets will be able to receive new Bitcoin Gold (BTG) coins immediately after the fork, provided they have private keys from their wallets.

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