Metal, plastic or glass: which smartphones are better

Metal, plastic or glass: which smartphones are better

The design of modern smartphones is not very diverse. However, the materials of the body are very different. Here, we will mention metal, plastic, and glass. Find out all strengths and weaknesses of each material. It will help you make a right choice!


Smartphone made of metal looks solid and expensive. So it was before, so it is to this day. Nevertheless, the metal has already descended from the top segment to the budget segment. In general, does not add much to the smartphone.


  1. Looks expensive. If you have a metallic smartphone, then you are not a poor man. At least, many will think so.
  2. Fashionable. Metal has become the main material of the actual industrial design. This thing in itself. If the body is made of metal, then no additional elements and stress of design thought are needed. Metal looks beautiful.
  3. Thermal conductivity. The metal is cold. The very same feeling when you hold your smartphone and feel how pleasantly it chills the palm of your hand. The tactile feeling is also important.

From these pluses, a sense of high cost is created.


  1. Bends and deforms. And to bend the smartphone, it does not need to be mocked at all. It is enough to put it in the back pocket of your jeans and sit down. Thus, many smartphones «turn into iPhone 6 Plus». Remember what a bendgate is?
  2. Spots. Metal does not pass radio waves. LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth — all these signals are difficult to break through the metal body. So you have to make ugly external leads for antennas. For the first time, it became clear even with Steve Jobs, when Apple released iPhone 4 and the latter was not good at catching the network. A few years later, Samsung faced the same problem, launching the line of all-metal Galaxy A. The novelties were 20% worse than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Also, the all-metal body does not allow the realization of wireless charging.
  3. Thermal conductivity. Plus easily turns into minus. When powerful metal smartphones are working at full strength, the body can heat up so that it’s time to fry it with fried eggs!

So, the paradox: the very material that makes a smartphone premium, does not allow to implement bonus functions in the device. Yes, and even bending!


Smartphones made of plastic can be of any color. Of any shape as well. For example, curved, which was in its time LG G Flex. Also, plastic opens the way to varieties. Glossy, matte, under the skin, under the metal — with plastic designers get absolute freedom. Despite the fact that the plastic is cheaper than other materials, the smartphone itself can be more expensive than metal and even glass competitors.


  1. Price. Plastic smartphones are cheaper to manufacture.
  2. Elasticity. In general, plastic is a very durable material. It is resistant to bending, twisting, it perfectly absorbs the impact energy. Sony has used this feature to create many smartphones, for example, Sony Xperia Z5. Its body was made of metal, and the corners were plastic. When the smartphone fell at an angle, the energy was not transferred to the internal components of the device but was extinguished by plastic. It should be noted that composite materials, for example, plastic reinforced with glass fibers, are even more durable. Designed for the military industry, it is now also used to create smartphones. For example, the new Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact.
  3. No spots. Plastic perfectly conducts radio waves regardless of thickness and strength. That’s why in metal smartphones we see the plastic wiring for antennas.
  4. Colour. The plastic can be any color, and Nokia used it, releasing orange, green and yellow smartphones.

Plastic gives the manufacturer more freedom in creating a design, besides the material is interesting enough to be used even in expensive top-end smartphones.


  1. Feels cheap. Many plastic smartphones are perceived as simple crafts, although at the same time they can be expensive.
  2. Looks cheap. Make it so that the plastic smartphone looked expensive-rich, not so easy.
  3. It is colored. When in contact with other colored surfaces, the plastic may change color. For example, a white smartphone, after visiting a jeans pocket, can become a denim color.

As a rule, a plastic smartphone is a cheap device in every sense.


For the first time, the glass appeared in the iPhone 4 and Nexus 4, but the real boom began after the release of Samsung Galaxy S6. Glass smartphones are and look expensive, but quite fragile. Glass backs beat as well as glass screens. Even despite Gorilla Glass 5.


  1. No spots. Glass radio waves are not a hindrance, therefore, unlike metallic smartphones, glass no plastic inserts for antennas are needed.
  2. It looks amazing. Glass allows you to create beautiful visual effects, such as a sense of depth, change the color of the panel depending on the angle of light, catch light spots and reflect them in the form of rays.
  3. Feels expensive. Like metal smartphones, glass nice to cool the palm, pleasing the smoothness of the surface and arouse the feeling that you are holding a luxury item in your hand.

Glass smartphone — this is usually an expensive device with a claim for being premium-status.


  1. Fragile. Create a non-destructible glass has not yet been successful, so it’s strictly forbidden to drop a glass smartphone.
  2. Scratched. It does not matter what the manufacturer says, but the glass is covered with scratches for one or two.
  3. Slippery. Glass smartphones slip out of their hands like an ice cube.

With a glass smartphone, you need to be extremely careful, because it is not only an expensive thing but also very fragile.

So which is better?

Aesthetes like smartphones made of glass, and it does not matter that they are fragile. Plastic is universal, it occurs in all segments and can be represented both in the form of budgetary material and expensive high-tech composites. But metal is the worst thing that can be. It deforms and does not transmit radio waves. However, it is metal smartphones that are very popular today.

And which smartphones do you like?

Aston Martin is presenting limited edition submarine car

Aston Martin is presenting limited edition submarine car

Aston Martin designed a new concept submarine in collaboration with Triton Submarines, popular submarine maker. The codename of the project is “Neptune”. The concept designs picture a smooth craft at the bottom of the sea with edgy pointy-ended pontoons and a central passenger bubble cockpit with an open, all-around view. We need to admit that design is stunning!

Limited edition

The Neptune submersible combines Aston Martin’s design skills with Triton’s ability to make practical submersibles for explorers, researchers, and the super wealthy people. Triton’s team makes sure that submarines can submerge safe and sound. That gives us hope that this project will go on to the limited edition production phase.  And Aston Martin states that it for sure will. So, we stay tuned!

An interesting fact is that Neptune has a base of an existing three-person submarine platform from Triton’s lineup. That’s one more win regarding production practicality. And even when it will be made and presented to the public, it’s going to be a “strictly limited, exclusive edition vehicle.” So, you most likely won’t see these dotting the neighboring harbor regardless.

But still, the new concept submarine is a great idea and innovative break-through in the technology field. This is a collaboration of future that will open the new vehicle experience for researchers and hopefully a lot of people in the future.

«Black mining» or Cryptojacking: how to earn money through other people’s computers

«Black mining» or Cryptojacking: how to earn money through other people’s computers

If your computer starts to work slower, and in payments for electricity there are prohibitive amounts — you may have been a victim of black miners.

To run the cryptocurrency, the average user needs four things: powerful computer hardware, a special program for mining, a reliable pool (the server that distributes the calculation of the block signature between the group of miners) and self-confidence. However, every year the process of mining Bitcoin becomes more difficult, and competition is increasing.

Today, one transaction takes about as much electricity as it spends for a day 1.6 American family. And according to forecasts, by 2020 the electricity consumption for Bitcoins will be equal to the annual energy consumption indicator of the country like Denmark.

In such conditions alone to earn Bitcoin from a home computer is almost impossible, but alternative currencies — Altcoins — quite. That’s why modern programmers-miners come up with new ways to obtain cryptocurrency using other people’s computers.

How cybercriminals use computers

Wherever there are rules, there are those who violate them. And the world криптовалют not an exception. Some miners do not pay for electricity, pulling the cable to the transformer, someone smuggling carries video cards from China.

But most often cryptocurrency borrowers use other people’s computers. In particular, in September of this year, Kaspersky Lab discovered two large networks of computers engaged in cryptocurrency mining. One network is approximately 4,000 pieces of equipment, the other — 5,000. As it turned out, they were all infected with the virus, and the owners of the equipment did not even suspect they were involved in the extraction of digital currency, helping the creators of the virus to earn tens of thousands of dollars every month.

As a rule, in the process of cryptojacking, crypto-loans Litecoin, Feathercoin, and Monero are extracted. Their extraction does not require the presence of equipment with large capacities, and it is possible to extract coins from ordinary home computers.

Types of cryptojacking

There are two main types of mining with the use of different computers, which are used by hackers.

1. Browser Mining

The warning that visiting dubious sites can harm your computer is also effective in the case of crypto-currencies. You just need to click on the link to the resource, in the script which the desired code is written, and, while you are on the site, your computer will become part of the network for the generation of cryptocurrency.

However, not only little-known sites fall into the risk zone. In September of this year in the epicenter of the scandal was a well-known Ukrainian media holding, whose users became involuntary extractors of Monero. A similar charge was put forward and the American television channel Showtime.

2. Viruses-miners

For the first time a virus-miner appeared in 2011, but since then it continues to hit the computers of ordinary users. You can pick it up by clicking on the link from the email or by installing a dubious program. All computers with strong technical characteristics fall into the risk zone.

Viruses do more harm to computers than browser mining, because they are more actively using computer power. Nevertheless, many more users become victims of browser attacks.

How to understand that your computer is infected

The only expressed sign of a mining attack is the braking of the computer.

If this happens on a particular site, then, perhaps, the attackers have penetrated through the browser. It is especially important to observe, whether the technics work typically, on the resources demanding long pastime, for example on torrent-trackers, sites with online games and films.

Another additional sign of the mining attack is high consumption of electricity.

Most often, antiviruses recognize programs with miners not as viruses, but as potentially dangerous programs that degrade the performance of the computer. In fact, the miners do not do any other harm than using your resources. It is also important to pay attention to this.

Popular virus programs for cryptojacking

It’s time to talk more about the tools that attackers use most often and which ordinary users need to know about to protect themselves.

1. Trojan Miner Bitcoin

If an average person on average loads his computer by 20%, then Miner Bitcoin increases this figure to 80 and even 100%. Spyware not only uses resources but also steals data about the owner of the equipment. A particular external sign of the presence of the virus is a higher noise level of the video card cooler. You can grab Miner Bitcoin by downloading Word documents or pictures, basically, it is distributed via Skype.

2. EpicScale

A program that uTorrent users have noticed and that uses the capabilities of other people’s computers to solve their problems. In response to the accusations, the company’s representatives noted that the funds received using mining go to charity. However, such a position is at least strange. Given the ignorance of the users of the torrent tracker about the use of their technique.

It is important to know that when you remove EpicScale, its executable files on the computer remain.

By the way, recently the scandal involving the production of cryptocurrency, flared up around the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay.

3. JS / CoinMiner

This is a type of malware that allows you to extract cryptocurrency through user’s browsers. Most often, scripts are being introduced into gaming sites and resources with streaming video. Such resources load the processor, which allows leaving undetected mining.

Browser mining: how to ensure its security

Today, there are several effective ways to protect your computer from browser attacks:

  1. Edit the file called hosts.
  2. Install the Anti-WebMiner utility and the NoCoin browser extension.
  3. Disable JavaScript in your browser using NoScript.
  4. Add a special Anti-Mine Filter to AdBlock and uBlock.

How to not catch a virus-miner: precautions

Here are some rules of dealing with a computer that will help you not to become a victim of miners. Read and use.

Basics of the basics: do not download unlicensed products, do not enter activation keys from untested sources, do not go through questionable links.

  1. If you are the owner of an Apple computer, set the option to download the software exclusively from the App Store.
  2. Remember that it’s not enough just to install an antivirus, it’s also important to constantly update it to the latest version.
  3. If you use Windows, create yourself a user account and log in with it. To install programs you need administrator rights, so you level the risks by accidentally downloading and running.
  4. If you notice that your computer is slow, start Task Manager and check to see if there is a program that uses your processor for 80-90%. However, if it is not there, do not rush to relax: often the programs-miners use less power and notice them more difficult.
  5. Install utilities that, in addition to anti-virus protection, report any changes to the registry. It’s best to install both uMatrix and RequestPolicy Continued at the same time, and the Antiminer blocker is also available to Google Chrome users. Scan your computer through AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes, which identifies spyware.

If your antivirus does not find a potentially dangerous program, you can try to reinstall the operating system, install another antivirus product, or contact a familiar programmer who will find malicious files and delete them.

A little-known startup was estimated at $ 30 billion

A little-known startup was estimated at $ 30 billion

Chinese Meituan Dianping recently became the fourth most expensive start-up in the world. The valuation of its value reached $ 30 billion, which made it more expensive than Airbnb and SpaceX.

The top ten ranking of the most expensive startups looks like this:

how much do startups cost

About the Beijing company, few people know outside the home market. It delivers food to people, sells food and movie tickets, provides reviews about restaurants and discounts for group purchases. This is a kind of mixture of Groupon, Yelp (Foursquare), Foodpanda and UberEats.

Meituan gained investor confidence due to its dominant position in the market with more than a billion people. The merger of and in 2015 created the company, creating a leading player in online services. In the last round, the startup attracted $ 4 billion from Chinese Tencent Holding, venture capital fund Sequoia Capital and American travel giant Priceline Group.

Meituan Dianping has expanded interests far beyond the original business. In the company’s applications, with a few touches, users can order the delivery of ready meals, food, massage, haircut and manicure home or office. One of the popular services is to order a car wash, while it is parked on the street and the owner at work. Having done the job, the washer will send the photo to confirm the quality. Meituan claims that the company’s applications have 280 million active annual users and 5 million connected businesses.

The category of services that the company provides — online-to-offline or O2O. It may become more popular in China than in the US. China has a lower level of wages, the city is more densely populated. Moreover, the population is much larger. Over the past year, the O2O market grew by 72% to $ 115 billion.


According to the results of the last round, Meituan Dianping’s estimate reached $ 30 billion. According to the assessment, the startup is inferior only to four companies, according to CB Insights: Uber ($ 68 billion), Didi Chuxing ($ 50 billion) and Xiaomi ($ 46 billion). The analysts estimate Airbnb at $ 29.3 billion, SpaceX — $ 21.2 billion.

Microsoft introduced Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse

Microsoft introduced Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse

Microsoft introduced Surface Book 2

Microsoft introduced the second generation of the Surface Book hybrid tablet. There are two variations of the new model Surface Book 2. First one is with a diagonal display of 13.5 inches. Another model is 15 inches. The device is based on Intel Core processors of the eighth generation and supports work with the virtual reality helmets of Windows Mixed Reality.

The tablet is equipped with processors Intel Core i5-7300U or Core i7-8650U, for the older configuration is also offered graphics series NVIDIA GeForce 10. For the 15-inch version is used NVIDIA GeForce 1060 with 6 GB of video memory uses. And for 13.5-inch — NVIDIA GeForce 1050 with 2 GB of video memory.

13.5-inch has a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, 15-inch — 3240 x 2160. The amount of RAM reaches 8 or 16 GB. The drive — 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB. There are cameras at 8 and 5 MP, front stereo speakers.

The claimed autonomous work time is 17 hours. Supported by Wi-Fi (802.11ac), Bluetooth 4.1, there are two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C, a 3.5-mm radio connector and an SDXC card slot.

Acceptance of preliminary orders for Microsoft Surface Book 2 will open on November 9 at a price of $ 1,500 for the 13.5-inch version and $ 2,500 for the 15-inch version. After all, sales start on November 16, 2017.

Surface Precision Mouse — an excellent mouse for three computers at once

Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

The second generation Surface Book was not the only new device. In the company’s catalogs, a new mouse also appeared — Surface Precision Mouse.

Surface Precision Mouse attracts attention primarily with its anatomical design with a pad to support the right thumb. The body of the manipulator is made in the same gray color scheme as other new devices of the Surface line. There are three additional, programmable buttons that implement the usual set of a pair of basic buttons and a scroll wheel.

To the computer, tablet or smartphone Surface Precision Mouse connects wirelessly, via Bluetooth LE 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2. There is also a micro USB port in its design. You can use it not only to charge the built-in battery, but also to transmit a signal from the mouse over the wire. In case the computer is not equipped with a Bluetooth module, for example, or an outdated operating system is used.

Interestingly, you can use this mouse at once with three computers at the same time. To move from one device to another it is enough to bring the mouse to the border of the screen. True, this feature is only available for devices running Windows 10, in conjunction with the proprietary utility Mouse and Keyboard Center. The same program will help to change and fine-tune the mouse scroll wheel.

Microsoft claimed the battery life of Surface Precision Mouse without charging reaches three months. The overall dimensions of the device are 122.6 × 77.6 × 43.3 mm, and the weight is 135 grams. The maximum range, when using a Bluetooth connection and in an office environment, is about 5 meters.

You can buy Surface Precision Mouse it will be possible at a price of $ 99.99. Also, the reception of pre-orders opens on November 9th. Free sales in the US and Canada starting on November 16.