Top 10 Space Games 2017/2018 That You Are Waiting For


Game developers can fill Space games with unimaginable adventures that drag you into a new universe of the hopeless voids. Well, it’s time for you to journey beyond cosmic shores to see something incredible. First up we’ve got an Exo One. Then you will have an opportunity to fly a spacecraft, explore the spaces of the unknown planet at any time of the day and night, fight with alien creatures (Osiris: New Dawn, Genesis Alpha One), stand alone on the space station (Tacoma), face all dangers of another planet, restore a base (Planet Nomads, Dual Universe), save mankind from the death (Deliver Us The Moon), protect the base from attacks (Infinity: Battlescape, Avorion), reconstruct a spaceship and survive on the planet (Star Citizen). Be ready to experience all of these things in 2017/2018.