8 Robots That Can Change Life


All serious developers and manufacturers of robotics derive ideas from the surrounding nature, especially from the animal world. They try to give their products not only the appropriate appearance but also all the benefits of representatives of the fauna.

Here is a list of 8 types of robots that we are observing in this video – Emotion butterfly, Bionic copter, Spot mini, Cheetah robot, Bionic ants, Aqua Penguin, Robot dragonfly, Bionic kangaroo. Let’s consider it more detail. Robotic butterflies can mimic the behavior of their real-life relatives. Dragonfly or Bionic copter has good maneuverability and can glide in the air. Spot mini is an electric robot. Cheetah robot is capable of traveling at 18 miles per hour. Bionic ants are about the size of a human hand.  Aqua penguins can move with quick and accurate regulation in any direction even in groups. Robot dragonfly has aerodynamic wings borrowed from the insects.  Bionic kangaroo mimics the jumping of a kangaroo including its most complex mechanism using the power of one jump to perform the next one.

Developers have given features to these robots that are as close as possible to their real live prototypes.