Weekdays at the International Space Station


NASA’s Astronaut Sunita (Suni) Williams tells us about her daily routine on the International Space Station (ISS).

The station has two pressurized modules. There are Sleep office, bathroom, kitchen, Japanese laboratory, Columbus- European laboratory where they perform medical experiments, US laboratory, Airlock, Cupola, Servers Central Post.

Thanks to zero gravity, she can sleep in any position even up-side-down in the sleep office. She has a computer, books, and personal staff there. They even do exercises in zero gravity. Besides, astronauts have all types of food: vegetables, bread, snack, side dishes, etc.

Watch this HD documentary film and find out how they brush teeth or drink water.

You can also hear about her feelings when she goes out into outer space in the special suit. However, Cupola is the most amazing thing in the whole station. You can look at the Earth through the glass window and see clouds, continents, oceans.