Game Graphics That Won’t Leave You Aside


Are you bored? Don’t know what to play on your PC in 2017? Game developers present something brand new. They exactly know how to push the graphical limits to the max. Have you ever seen such a realistic picture?  2017 turns virtual reality into our reality. It looks downright gorgeous. New graphics technology allows gamers to plunge into the world where the line between fiction and reality is blurred. Textures, work with light and shadows, special effects, improved anti-aliasing, 3D special sounds – everything is simple at a phenomenal level.

They managed to create beautiful and highly detailed worlds with a fantastic range of rendering and picturesque panorama that despite its visual magnificence still contains a part of a gloomy and frightening atmosphere.

The work of artists and applied graphics technology are impressive both in the costumes of the characters as well as the world around them, especially in Agony Q2 or Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

You can find yourself in the real world on the battlefield during the war, among medieval knights, in the underworld, in Zombieland, among space battles, etc. Just turn on one of these games and be ready to chill cooling system of your PC.