Mount Etna lunar robot testing


Mount Etna, in Sicily, became a test field for the about three-foot high, a four-wheeled machine that will be working on a future mission to the moon.

A robot wheels on a windswept, rocky ground that looks like some distant planet from a science fiction movie. But the thing is that it is not in space at all, it’s on the hills of the most active volcano in Europe.

To research ROBEX (Robotic Exploration of Extreme Environments) the program has hired specialists from Britain, Germany, Italy and the United States to improve robotic facilities that astronauts will be using in space.

Scholars also look forward to using the robots to discover the lowest points of Mount Etna and pass on practical scientific data on seismic movement. This drones, rover robots and another network of equipment will be monitoring activity that is quite close to the moon surface.