The 150th anniversary of Canada

The 150th anniversary of Canada

Let’s celebrate Canada Day 2017 together with Geolance!

July 1, 1867, in the history of Canada, the defining day, which changed the course of history for every citizen. On this day a separate country was created in Canada by the union of four provinces: Nova Scotia; New Brunswick; Ontario; and Quebec. By 1982, this day was called Dominion Day (English), Le Jour de la Confédération (French). On July 1, 1983, we already celebrated this day as Canada Day.

How to celebrate Canada Day?

Canada Days

For residents of every city and suburb of Canada, July 1 is a great holiday. This day full of fun and splendidly of visiting various outdoor activities. The best ideas will be breakfast with pancakes, parades, various concerts, carnivals, festivals, fireworks shows and celebrations for new citizens of Canada. Celebrations have patriotic sentiments and glorification of the country. It is especially important to use national colors on this day: red and white. Especially, in clothes or even to paint body or face. A particularly popular figure for body art on this day will be Maple Leaf – Canadian symbol.

Company Geolance, located in Toronto, congratulates every Canadian citizen and wishes a successful prosperity for our country. Especially we would like to note that Canada’s technological progress since its inception has had a particularly rich development. For the Geolance team, the main direction of development is Internet technologies, that bring communication, information dissemination, and people’s unification.

Especially by the 150th Anniversary of Canada, we have prepared the Top-10 interesting facts about the technological progress advancement in Canada.

  1. So, the rapid development of communicative technologies began with the use of the first electric telegraph since the 1850s.

Joseph operates the telephone exchange in Dr. Riddell's

E.L.B. Joseph operates the telephone exchange in Dr. Riddell’s drugstore, Lauder, Manitoba, c. 1914-1918.
  1. Communication technologies developed rapidly in Canada: the first telephone exchanges in 1878 and transatlantic wireless telegraph (radio) signals in 1901.
  2. Canadian computer technologies contribution is WATFOR compilers. Its home is the Waterloo University and was in computer education in the 1970s and 1980s.
  3. In 1995, James Gosling invented the programming language JAVA, which today holds in the top of the popular technology for the web and mobile development.
  4. Waterloo, Ontario Research In Motion has developed a BlackBerry smartphone, by the way, the BlackBerry Corp. began its development with pagers in 1998, and in 2011, the series of technological advances replenished the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
  5. BlackBerry, along with IBM Canada, is also among the ten largest research and development costs in Canada.
  6. Canada, from various studies, is one of the most prosperous countries for the development of start-ups. Also, the economically favorable environment and the practical absence of inflation attract those who want to start their business. Besides, Startup Ranking is a top-rated service that counts points from 0 to 100,000 to determine the importance of online start-ups and social needs.

startup ranking 20178. Conferences, podcasts, online broadcasts – Canadian professionals are eagerly sharing experience and gathering people to provide fresh information on a range of topics, especially in the field of medicine, science and Internet technologies (IT). ITech is Canada’s leading IT technology conference and exhibition focusing on Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Data Center and Mobility. (More information, schedule, and topics here

Also, a large-scale 3rd International Conference on Big Data, Data Structures, and Data Applications will take place this October 21-22th, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Theme: Advance Technologies for Creative Inventions in Data Structures

9. The development of computer games has always characterized Canada with a better side. Besides, company Gaslamp Games from the moment of creation and until now produces the most popular computer games in Canada. Company Gaslamp Games10. The rapid development of the IT industry in Canada brings it to the forefront of the popularity of the wide using of developing and design services for desktop, web, and mobile applications. It contains quality assurance and quality control services, SEO, SMM, SEM, email marketing, logo design, project management, etc. So, the Geolance company is proud to be in the ranks of popular companies providing such services.

  1. Today, Canada is a country of mobile communication and Internet technologies, through which our agency works and grows.
  2. Just today, July 1, 2017, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Canada Day, we, the whole Geolance team, still wish technological prosperity, peace and economic development for our country and every Canadian citizen.

WannaCry 2.0 or simply Petya

WannaCry 2.0 or simply Petya

The ransomware program infected computers around the world

In the afternoon of June 27, a virus-extortionist began to spread in Ukraine and Russia. Now it is spreading around the world. Petya blocks access to data and requires $ 300 in bitcoins for unlocking. The virus in various modifications is on the web since 2016. Also, it spreads, like many other malicious programs, through a spam email.

There are clear coincidences with the attack of WannaCry. At the same time, we can say about more complex attack possibilities. Besides, this is a demonstration of how cybercrime develops on a scale and, again, reminds enterprises of the importance of taking responsible cyber security actions.

Microsoft experts believe that the virus-extortioner Ransom: Win32 / Petya spread with accounting software in Ukraine, M.E.Doc.

The mechanism of the work of extortion viruses

The mechanism was described in details in April 2016 in the blog of Malwarebytes Labs. Then the virus was distributed as a letter with a resume of the employee. By clicking on it, they opened a Windows program that required administrator rights. If the inattentive user agreed, the installer rewrote the boot area of the hard drive and showed the “blue screen of death”: a failure message prompting you to restart the computer.

At this stage, as the researchers write, that they hadn’t encrypted the hard drive yet. So, you can save the data. For example, if you shut down your computer and connect the hard drive to another, but do not boot from it. In this situation, all data can will survive.

After the restart, Petya launches a program that masks as the CHKDSK utility. In fact, it does not check the hard drive for errors but encrypts it. As researchers from Malwarebytes Labs have established, not entirely, but only partially. The encryption method used in Petya allows the specialists to restore all the data with the help of specialists.

After the encryption is complete, the computer displays a red screen with the message “You became a victim of the Petya extortion virus” and an offer to pay $ 300 in Bitcoins. Detailed instructions how to buy the necessary amount of bitcoins on the site in the “dark web.”

According to the screenshots of the modern version of Petya, now there is no site and detailed instructions: the infected users write to the specified mailing address and in exchange for proving the transfer of funds to get the code for decrypting the hard drive.


Researchers note that part of Petya, responsible for blocking access, intercepts the management of the computer at the earliest stage of the download. Highly qualified programmers wrote it.

Since the beginning of 2016, Petya has repeatedly changed. There are versions with yellow screen design with the demand for money. There are also those where the name of the virus is not clear.

How exactly it works and spreads a new version of Petya, which users encountered on June 27, no one has any versions. Judging by the extent of infection, the virus has modifications and some more complex distribution system. Github already has a link to one of the bitcoins-purses, which collects money from virus-infected computers.

The simplest method of protecting against Petya and similar extortion viruses is not to click on attachments in suspicious letters from people you do not know.

How to do Digital detox and save virtual independence

How to do Digital detox and save virtual independence

We live in the era when technological opportunities are growing daily. The modern user has become accustomed to the benefits that technological progress gives but especially surprising how quickly digital and Internet technologies are developing.

Digital experts of the company Geolanсe (Toronto, Canada) as nobody knows about all the pros and cons of the rapid world development and how the benefits that give comfort to their users can turn into digital dependence. We recommend to read this article and learn more about digital addiction. Maybe you need a detox?

There is such a joke that is very true: I wanted to go to bed yesterday, to sleep, and then opened a Facebook… Do you feel a particular dependence on social networks? No? Let us guess; you just consider yourself an active user! What about every 15 minutes news and mailbox updates? Maybe you feel a slight panic when connectivity is lost or discharged phone or tablet? We think that a bit of detox will not prevent you! It’s time to resist the dependence. It is beneficial to refuse to completely abandon the virtual reality, albeit for a short period – it will be helpful for developing healthy habits.

We live in anxiety epoch…

Everyone knows that sometimes we spend more time than he needs, sitting in social networks. For today this problem only gets worse. We often give our promise not to go to FB during working hours, not to talk at the table. However, trying to get rid of these habits, we often feel anxiety.  For example, Pew Research company found that the number of active Facebook users reached 1.86 billion people. 24% of Internet users use Twitter, and 29% – LinkedIn.

What are digital alarms? Is it serious?

Stefan Hoffman, a professor of psychology at the University of Boston knows a lot of about human emotions. He proved that inaccessibility to social networks leads to anxiety, and the wisdom of updating news feeds or mailboxes is increasing by surprise. And what is the time of exiting from the digital world for a long time, the higher the probability of falling into a depressive state, a sense of assertiveness and misery?

Significant reasons to do digital detox!

Why do we need a digital detox? Many of us would like to spend less time online, but each time we put the smartphone on the wrong side, we start to feel anxious. Scientists have proved the existence of so-called “biased behavior.” At moments when the smartphone is unavailable people start to twist something in their hands.

Digital detox – is it helpful, try it!

Denying social networks can make you worry about what you’ve lost. What is digital detox? Complete abstinence from social networks, albeit for a short period, the so-called “digital detox.” It can help shape new skills and learn how to control their impulses.

A digital detox can reduce anxiety, use tips from Geolance specialists how to do a digital detox and remember – you will get it, just try!

Ways to spend less time on social networks and start digital detox

Ways to spend less time on social networks and start digital detox.

  • Use the advantage of the advice of Christina Kruk, the author of the book “Happiness of the disappearance” (Joy of Missing Out). She believes that “If you do not have a good reason to abandon social networks, no one will help you,” she says. Effectively combating digital alarms is only possible if you explain why you want to change your behavior on the Web. She advises finding such a reason that would fit your life’s values.
  • Use special lock features or remove certain programs from your phone – so you can restrict your stay in social networks while reducing the associated alarm.
  • Also, tell yourself honestly what you are going to do on the Internet and what real benefit it will bring you. It can also help. First, you need to think about what you are looking for. Then determine which aspects of social networks attract you the most to further actually fight your impulses.
  • You can also solve this problem by communicating with topics that interest you, with real, and not virtual interlocutors.
  • It is important not to blame yourself for the lack of self-control, but to understand that many programs and social networks are specifically designed to cause dependence and desire to use them as often as possible.
  • For those who still can not find a way to get rid of the digital dependency, there are digital detox apps and even special digital detox camps.

Control your emotions

All this can be not easy. Social networks are designed to unite people and save from loneliness, but people should gradually understand that online communication is artificial, false. Also, users who have not visited a particular social network for a long time, receive emails from these companies. In the end, if you understand how hard it is.

A digital detox is not a complete and global rejection of the digital world, no !!! Naturally, you need to reduce digital dependence, control your emotions when the Internet is not available. Also, periodically give your brain a break from the massive amount of information on the Internet.

We, Geolance company team, believe in everybody who decides to try a digital detox and wish to achieve successful results!

5 the most expensive cryptocurrencies in the world

5 the most expensive cryptocurrencies in the world

All you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies. Learn why it is different from regular currency.

Bitcoin – $ 10,518.60

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency now. Since the beginning of 2017, its value is growing rapidly: over the past six months, the price of one bitcoin has risen from about $ 8,000 to $ 10,518.60 (however, no one can say exactly why). Cryptocurrency is in the first position not only in price per unit but also regarding market capitalization – $ 176.9 billion.

We can explain the popularity of Bitcoin by the fact that this is the first such currency of its kind. Bitcoin was the first to introduce the principle of decentralization — a concept where the currency does not belong. No financial or any other institution control it. It was Bitcoin that provoked the appearance of a huge number of the same cryptocurrencies that exist nowadays.

Byteball – $ 701.37

Byteball is very different from other cryptocurrencies and, in particular, from Bitcoin. If the basis of the latter is the technology of the block – a distributed registry, where all transaction data is on the network – then Byteball works by DAG. This is an oriented graph, which new transactions form, each of which refers to previous transfers.

Also, Byteball does not provide for mining. Instead of the miners, trusted users confirm transactions, so-called “witnesses.” One of the features of the cryptocurrency is its spread. Byteball is distributed free of charge to all Bitcoin owners who have confirmed their wallet in the currency network.

Over the past six months, the price per unit of Byteball has increased by more than 36 times – now it is about $ 701.37. The sharpest jump occurred in late May – early June when the cryptocurrency appreciated at once by more than $ 550.

Zcash – $ 423.67

The main difference between Zcash and the same Bitcoin is the protection of information. The work of Bitcoin – based on a traditional lockbox, where each record in the network contains data on the amount of the transaction, the sender and the recipient. Zcash – uses a zero-disclosure protocol to confirm transactions without disclosing additional information about them. «If Bitcoin – http for money, then Zcash – https», – noted on the site of the crypto currency.

Now one unit of currency costs about $ 423.67. The active growth of the price for Zcash began in late May.

Ethereum – $ 963.81

Ethereum – the second cryptocurrency regarding market capitalization ($ 93 billion) and the fourth at a price for one unit. The peculiarity of the Ethereum consists in “smart contracts” – the ability to register transactions with any assets within the framework of detachment. “Smart contracts” is the technology that replaces traditional legal procedures.

Now the cost of the Ethereum is about $ 963.81. For several months in 2017, the price of the currency remained at around $ 10, but at the end of November, the cost of the Ethereum jumped to the current.

Dash – $ 726.08

Among the features of Dash cryptocurrency is the availability of private, i.e., secure, PrivateSend and InstantSend transactions. Decisions on any changes in the Dash are a common vote of the currency owners. This mechanism is called decentralized governance, and Dash developers became the first among their competitors who introduced such a principle.

Over the past six months, the price of a unit of currency has increased significantly. If in January 2017 this indicator was at $ 10, now one Dash costs about $ 726.08. Its market capitalization is approaching to 5.68 billion.

Apple announced expansion of Swift Playgrounds

Apple announced expansion of Swift Playgrounds

Apple has announced that their educational coding app for iPad, Swift Playgrounds, will be expanding. It will teach children how to code using drones, robots and musical instruments. Apple made an announcement in advance of next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference and caused a great deal of resonance.

The Swift Playgrounds application

The company has already been working behind the scenes with quite a few companies, including Parrot, Sphere SPRK+, LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3, and others. They were looking for support to enable Bluetooth-enabled robots to connect and interface with the Swift Playgrounds application. So, next Monday we expect new features to arrive in a 1.5 update version that will appear on the App Store.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, stated that more than 1 million children and adults from all around the world are already using Swift Playgrounds. They take their opportunity to learn the basics of coding with Swift in an enjoyable and interactive way. They are learning while studying, so the whole process is really fun and at the same time beneficial. So, with the new expansion, they can immediately see the code they produce. They can directly manage their favorite drones, robots, and instruments through Swift Playgrounds.

Here, at Geolance, we believe that coding is a very important skill in the modern world. Learning how to code teaches you how to find quick solutions for problems and work in different creative ways. We think that everyone should be able to create something that can change the world and bring their ideas to life. So we’ve designed a program that lets anyone learn, write, and teach code. Such learning process is incredibly exciting and powerful way to study something new. The knowledge you get will be useful for a future career. It will make it easier for you to study further.

New features of Swift Playgrounds expansion

Now users of Swift Playgrounds can control UBTECH’s Jimu Robot MeeBot Kit, robotic LEGO creatures, Parrot’s Mambo. Also, they can power Sphero robotic balls, Airborne and Rolling Spider drones, and Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot. They can do that through creating code to power motors, perform aerial acrobatics, read device sensors, and walk, wave, dance, and roll, depending on the device’s capabilities. The new edition will also support the Skoog tactile cube. Children can code applications that let them explore the creation of music with Swift code.

The interesting fact is that at last year’s WWDC event Swift Playgrounds was first unveiled and released in the fall with iOS 10 with the aim of educating kids how to code in Apple’s latest programming language. Also, they highlight that the whole process of coding is only through interactive and fun tutorials. With this brand-new addition kids and adults all over the world can try to be a real developer, try themselves in coding and just have fun. Besides, you can spend your time or give an opportunity to your kid to spend time usefully and in a safe and educational environment.